Tuesday, March 22, 2011

To save Anwar PAS and DAP leaders must command to have the tape examined by forensic experts.

Hantu Laut

True to his demagoguery style Anwar Ibrahim has publicly decried the involvement of Najib and Hishammuddin in a new conspiracy without calling for the tape to be examined by forensic experts to determine its authenticity before screaming his head off in fritters singing the same old song of "I am a victim of political conspiracy, so help me God, people have sympathy on me."

Indeed, if that was true than Najib must be that stupid and not worthy to hold that esteemed office.Incredulous as it sounds, Najib should know better another conspiracy like this one on Anwar would kill Najib politically instead of Anwar.He must be so thick in the head he can't read the political situation in the country.

Sorry, I don't buy this most ridiculous of allegations because I see Najib is far smarter than what Anwar is trying to portray him to be.Even if there was such scurrilous attack on him it's far-fetched to think Najib has a hand in it, it has to be some low-life enemies of him and there are plenty of them around who have had falling out with him.

Maybe, Anwar should look in his own backyard and see whether there are snakes in the grass that might want to do him harm. His same old story of Najib's conspiracy is now 'bangas' and not many people buying it other than Pakatan leaders and some of his supporters.

DAP and PAS leaders must insist on having the tape examine to determine whether they should continue the coalition with Anwar and PKR, if the tape proved to be authentic. I am sure they have a need to know and a raison d'etre of Pakatan's survival.

Unless, this most compelling task is done Anwar and the whole Pakatan gang are just throwing dust in the people's eyes.

Are they are not interested in getting down to the truth to save Anwar?

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Anonymous said...

We might be in for a shocker! This doctored video might be produced by none other that Mr. DNA himself! A pro BN man releasing evidence of anwar ibrahim will always come out in the open knowing that he will be protected by the authorities and a police report would have been lodged first. The way this video was released and the reaction of pkr leaders smack of conspiracy!

Here is what will happen:when forensic experts are called to examine the video it will be proven that it is fake and the blame will be on Najib and Hisham! This might just be the work of anwar himself, a distraction from the issue at hand, DNA