Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Watch This Anwar's Video

Hantu Laut

I am not sure where he is heading for? Obviously, avoiding the subject.What has V.K.Lingam, PKFZ and Pewaja have anything to do with the issue at hand?


Here, Penang's Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng asking people to ignore the tape. Here, other Pakatan leaders foolishly denied that the person was Anwar, simply saying it was doctored,without having seen the tape.

Anwar is a public figure, a former deputy prime minister and opposition leader and who would probably become prime minister of this nation in the future.It is in Anwar's interest, his family and that of this nation to clear his name by asking the tape to be analysed by video forensic experts.

To merely deny and simply branded the video as fake and a process of character assassination would be seen as obscurantism.

I am sure Anwar, if he is innocent, would want to score points with the people by getting the truth out in the open.

If Anwar failed to demand an expert analysis of the tape than the government to be fair to him, his family and this nation must seek the truth by securing the tape and send it to an independent expert preferably from a foreign country to analyse the tape and get to the bottom of it.

If it is confirmed a fake than the makers of the tape must be severely punished.


vinnan said...

You Mamakthir devils actually think Anwar will fail for your '50 dahlil' type trap again. No creativity, only blunt, UMNO racist dolts.

SM said...

Bro HL,

It goes two ways bah! Either DSAI asks for the tape to be analyzed or the Government sends it to a foreign lab for analysis.

Najib could also score a lot of brownie points by asking for the tape to be analyzed by an independent foreign lab. Either way he gains. Whether it's DSAI or not Najib will gain the upperhand.

One thing for sure, the "little Napoleons" are going to make Najib look like his implicated by pushing this issue to the limit! The people are going to look at this as another BN ploy to "bugger" (pardon my French!) DSAI again! Unless Najib steps in & does something about it.

zane said...

No video or pictures or anything can be taken as reliable evidence unless the prosecutors can provide 4 reliable pious persons who witness the incident with their own eyes!

Videos and photos can be doctored. With today's technology where you can see artist in the film industry apply this so called "latex perfection' to transform a face to another, you can't help but wonder. It is possible to hire an artist to apply the same technique to someone in order to make him look exactly like Anwar Ibrahim and filmed him making love to a woman. It's easy if you have the money and the strong desire to overcome any threat that come your way.

Piqued said...

So why have you posted a video a year old video of a pc about the frogs from PKR, and tied that to the current sex-video drama???