Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Would The U.S. Attack Saudi Arabia, If......?

Hantu Laut

Saudi Arabia is a wealthy nation and it would continue to be wealthy as long as the oil lasts and that would be for many years to come.It's sitting on the largest deposit in the world and those in power would not be giving up so easily.

Despite it fabulous wealth most of its young population cannot find jobs in both the public and private sectors.Its wealth has only benefited a small circle of entrepreneurial elite connected to the ruling family.

Each year thousand of graduates remained unemployed.The same elite employers would snub expensive Saudis employees for cheaper foreign labour.At the peak of its economic activities in the mid 2000 the country had almost 6 million expatriate workers in a country of 24 million people.

The country has very young population, almost 45% are under 18, the age of volatility.

The level of corruptions and nepotism in state institutions are mind boggling.Criticism of the king and ruling elites is taboo and those who crossed the red line are thrown in prisons. Bloggers,lawyers,academics and peaceful activists are thrown in jail under the pretext of fighting a war on terror.

On 23 Feb, King Abdullah having spent 3 months abroad undergoing medical treatment returned to Riyadh with a royal largess, welfare promises worth $36 billion to cool the rising temperature of discontent.The king, old and weak, may have been misled on the level of resentment among the population, a demand for genuine political reform, not another round of handouts to buy loyalty.

A month before the king return home, a group of Saudi academics and professionals announced the establishment of a political party and launched a website (sorry ! in Arabic) calling for democracy, elections and respect for human rights.Five of the founding members were immediately thrown in jail.

Saudi Arabia, is one of the most repressive regimes and one of the few surviving absolute monarchy that looked likely to expire if the contagion of the Arab revolution that first ignited in Tunisia and spread to other Arab countries would catch a bad flu in Saudi Arabia.If such uprising occured we may see the Saudi government retaliates with utmost brutality.

The Western powers particularly the United States had intervened and invaded Iraq and
Afghanistan and removed the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein and the Islamist Taliban.They are now helping rebels to get rid of Gaddafi of Libya by imposing no-fly zone over Libya and bombing Gaddafi's key military installations, all in the name of getting rid of repressive regimes and bringing democracy and human rights to the downtrodden.Gaddafi is no friend.

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad has an interesting chapter in his memoirs "A Doctor In The House" on the Europeans, their mindsets and their love for wars.Below is an excrept from his book.

"The art and science of war would be constantly upgraded and improved.It was the Europeans who first clothed their soldiers in uniform, equipped them with even more lethal weapons, organised them in patrol and squads, battalions and brigades and army corps.Their soldiers were drilled into perfect killing machines which would be ready to fight anyone they were ordered to.Theirs was not to reason why:theirs was to do or die.That is their motto"

Mahathir, was not all negatives of the Europeans as many have thought him to be and branded him to be an advocate of anti-West, he gives credit where it is due, as reflected in his paragraph below:

"However, Europeans also have many redeeming characteristics.They can be very caring.They can be dedicated to the truth in science.They can be absolutely honest and considerate.They can be strongly dedicated to justice and fair play"

Over the centuries the Europeans have fought many wars and two of the most destructive world wars originated in Europe.It was the Europeans again that almost brought the world to the brink of a nuclear holocaust during the Cuban missiles crisis.

These nations of belligerents will continue to wage war whenever they found the slightest loophole to go in.The United State, part of the occidental dominions, is now the only super power left after the implosion of the Soviet Union and end of the Cold War.

Would the world's most powerful democracy relationship with the world's most repressive regime be put to a test?

Saudi Arabia is rife for a revolution. Should there be an uprising in Saudi Arabia would the United State help the rebels to get rid of the repressive regime of Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah and his ruling elites in favour of the rebels or help clamp down the rebellion to protect the regime?

In the name of democracy and human rights?

Let have some answers.

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