Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Disgraceful! MACC Put it Under Parliament Or Shut It Down

Hantu Laut

So what is it? A jinx!, a serial killer!, suicide!, the guy was bumped off to stop him from giving evidence that may expose an even bigger scam involving more senior officers of the department, or a plot to bring down the government. Another death in the MACC here.

By now Malaysians should open their eyes and see how dangerous this organisation can become if they are given more power or are given arbitrary power to arrest and the power to charge suspects in court. Obviously, they are amateurs, lacking the skills to do police work. Bunch of unschooled lads who can't handle power.No-brainers that use physical force rather than persuasive interrogation methods to extract information from accused person.

Although, I believe the MACC has nothing to do with his death, the fact that he died on the premises under mysterious circumstances is enough to lacerate the department and public confidence.

It's about time the government seriously consider putting the MACC directly under Parliament.

Two down and one more to go.

One more death in the MACC than the organisation should be shut down and a new one form with a completely new management and made directly answerable to Parliament.


Anonymous said...

We know this a long time ago. I am glad you have come to realize it now.

Pak Tua

dawai koko+ said...
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Anonymous said...

The evil in power can not change as from time the devil was the devil. Need a change od government because the devil does not listen. I have following your blog and if not a muslim it is not my problem. You only condem but have your given the other a chance to govern no you have not and could be if najib who is the owner of the blog. Show your balls if you have always just shut up do not be like a durian. Durnian if you love is love if you hate will hate you.I travel all the world and Malaysia only in the sense have a gay government and why because of the fixation of fellow sex's arse hole. But then again you do not comprend simle lay man english. I see you as a man who measures who's intelligece by how much you shit a day. To late to arresy the rot at MACC when. Yoi bloggers encourage when it was not a muslim

Anonymous said...

I only was a malay I will responese and that you did . Shamless man are not the better races in the world humans or we call malays human but the others including monkeys and dogs thw supermamalswhocanthinkandhaveabrain

Anonymous said...

HL what happen and when others are killed not a wishper from you but when a muslim and all muslim are melayu and you are there . You sure not Ib Ali yes you are not as he only make fart language. Why the change of heart and will later analysis you

I will give clues in stages who you are

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Purple Haze said...

At age 56 yrs old. presumably, Ahmad Sarbani would be contemplating retirement and life after retirement. Certainly something to look forward to.

Similar to Teoh Beng Hock - he was about to get married.

In Teoh's case, he was questioned (not as a suspect) about some improprieties amounting to RM2,400. In Ahmad Sarbani's case, there was a raid and we still don't know how he is implicated ... if at all.

Using the general guideline that one is innocent until proven guilty, why would these two men jump off a building ? In Ahmad Sarbani's case, he is alleged to have fallen from only 3 floors ... which does not necessary always result in death.

JC said...

One death under MACC investigation is one death too a second, and you need another one before this body gets shut down? you allude that there is more cover-up and exposes at stake here, something has to be done to make our institutions safer and trusted by the public. Not sure whether RCIs are the way to go or put a new investigative body under Parliament is subject to political abuse, not that it isn't already.

Sigh...what to do?

SM said...

Bro HL, see the light now!
MACC should have been placed under Parliment control right from the start...that was what the original intention was when the ACA was re-vamped (follow that HK ACA group whatever it's called. you know...the Government needs to control everything so...forget about it being placed under Parliment control.
On another note...this proves one thing for sure...the MACC guys are not racists! You can be Chinese or Malay...don't matter to will be allowed to jump out their windows without any problems!