Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Najib Can Deal With Taib After The Elections

Hantu Laut

Taib Mahmud is suffering from delusion of grandeur.Sarawakians should not fear that Taib would still be running the state after the elections.

There is a recipe for this 75-year old recalcitrant and I believe Prime Minister Najib should not hesitate to give it to him. I hope he would do so for the sake of the people of Sarawak.

Taib refusal to step down had caused much anguish and uncertainty to the people of Sarawak.He must have heard the widespread voices of dissent against his continuing leadership but he chose to ignore it.

Whether the call for his exit is as widespread as the oppositions made it out to be is hard to tell.Putting that aside, even if BN win comfortably he still should go.

Without any doubt he and his family had treated Sarawak as their personal fiefdom and taken indiscretion to the bounties of the state with impunity.He has shown total disregard to the Prime Minister by ignoring the appeal for him to step down.He was given a way out but refused because of his arrogance and probable family pressure to stay on so as to protect the business empire that is so vast it begets the question on the integrity of its acquisition.

This is the man who also "bit the hand that fed him" and fought against his uncle and benefactor Abdul Rahman Yakub who raised him since he was a boy.

He sailed through and survived the "Ming Court Affair" but he may not survive this one if BN failed to secure the two-thirds majority and if he lost significant number of votes in his own constituency.

The Prime Minister, who would not say it now, can deal with Taib after the elections.He may have no choice but to step down or face the music, or both.

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William Wang said...

No one can touch Taib. Taib is malay/melanous and malay/melanous is Taib. Taib has played his card well, you lose support straight away on 28 seats (maybe more) without him. Like how PBS & USNO can overcome Berjaya in 1985( even with massive TDM/BN support). Taib can stay as long as he likes & no one can do a thing about it unless of course BN fails.

SM said...

Bro HL,

This article is for the benefit of whom?
If Najib can deal with Taib after the Elections, he would already have done so before lah!
Even Mahatir could not get rid of Taib!
If Taib & BN wins this Election, Taib will saty until he has a suitable replacement ready to take over & that will not be for a few more years!
The only way Taib is going is if he loses his seat & even then I bet he's made enough "preparations" to ensure that does not happen!

I wish it were true, but unfortunately Najib needs Taib as much as Taib needs the BN! It works both ways. Najib's hands are tied bah!