Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oh my God, a Tiramasu costs RM15!

Hantu Laut

What an idiotic comparisons with complete disregard for economic principles.Ignoring the "basket of consumer goods" that define CPI (Consumer Price Index).

Written by 3 musketeers. A layman's analysis fits for the rubbish bins.

What is the average cost of living of a person of the same criterion in Kuala Lumpur as compare to a person in New York? Without any doubt the guy in New York is better paid than the one in Kuala Lumpur but would the average living cost be the same?

Ask the Kadazan man in New York?

“Oh my God, a Tiramisu is RM15!”

Since when tiramisu has been in the basket of consumer goods? Surely, if you go to a gourmet shop they can charge you through your nose. Blame yourself if you want to show off but are impecunious.

Why not eat goreng pisang which probably more suited to your Asian palate and won't bleed your heart.

A tiramasu by Secret Recipe only costs RM7.50 in Kota Kinabalu.How could KL be more expensive? Calvin Lee, who ever the person is, must have expensive taste but a shallow pocket.

Anyone who earned less than 1,ooo pounds a month in London must have a miserable life and probably live out of a pigeon hole.The waiter who says he can buy all those luxury items he mentioned on a day's salary must have other side income or got his hand in the till.

“GBP100 can feed two apartments of students for a week,” ??

GBP100 would not be enough for my wife and me to have a decent Chinese dinner at a restaurant in London. Those two apartments (I am not sure which mathematical formula used this term) of students must be eating cockroaches for a week.

Let's ponder the statements below:

He gave the example of clothes where he said he can get a good quality shirt for about AUD100 but would need to spend about RM200 to get similar quality in KL.

At current exchange rate AUD100 = RM316 for the shirt means cheaper in KL.

Wong pointed out that even Asian food could be more affordable for those living in Sydney than KL.

“You pay RM15 for a bowl of soup noodles in KL shopping centres but only AUD10 in Sydney shopping centres,” he said.

At current exchange rate AUD10=RM31.60. KL is still cheaper.RM6.50 in Kota Kinabalu

I would not even want to broach the talk why Gucci, Christine Dior, Prada, Chopard, Piaget and all the haute couture for the haute-bourgeoisies and the highbrows are more expensive in KL.If you want to know ask Farah Khan.The business has made her a very rich lady.

Sabahans with money used those branded products some 40 years ago shopping in Singapore and Hong Kong before you KLites even got a sniff of it.They still do and get better deals.That's why you never get those haute couture shops in Sabah.They would close shop because Sabahans won't buy them.

Exactly, that's what they are, for the moneyed and the highbrows, not for people with shallow pockets who should stay away from those names.Try F.O.S. I shop a lot at F.O.S and never felt ashamed of it.

Why blame the government if you decide to live beyond your means.Why should you be buying branded goods if you can't afford it?

Why don't you just stick to shopping at Sungei Wang Plaza and Giant supermarkets where you can stretch your ringgit a long way and live happy ever after.


Anonymous said...

Di Malaysia:
Gaji = RM 3000
Baju = RM 200
Percentage = 6.67%

Di Australia:
Gaji = AUD 3000 (atau mungkin lagi besar)
Baju = AUD 100
Percentage = 3.33%

Itulah yang dinamakan buying power. Orang bukan tengok absolute value. Siapa kisah kalau sehelai baju harga RM1000 sekali pun kalau income RM1juta sebulan.

Lepas tu, kenapa suruh beli baju dekat Giant atau FOS? Kenapa tak cakap pasar malam aja? Kenapa tak suruh ramai2 duduk dalam gua, dalam hutan. Save belanja sewa rumah, elektrik, air (oopps air Selangor free). Orang berfikiran ke depan - untuk maju, untuk capai tahap negara membangun. Padan lah Malaysia ni lembab sangat sebab ada orang2 berfikiran macam ni.

Hantu Sungai said...

Anon 10.31 is right. The important thing is the intrinsic value (not the exchange rate) of the money. GBP1.00 can buy a lot more stuff here in the UK compared to what RM1.00 can in Malaysia. Perhaps the only relief is average Malaysians aren't taxed as high as the average British are.

Hantu Laut said...

Hutan Sungai,

Arithmetic kampong.

Although, our per capita GDP is lower than those developed countries the average living cost is much lower.That comparison is on luxury items wh

ich is not a correct formula.The article is politically motivated and only idiots will swallow it log,stock and barrel.

Greece,Ireland and Portugal are bankrupt.The U.K is on the way, the banks are not landing, the property market has tumbled and the country is almost broke.

Malaysia has much better household saving rate than those countries which mean the average Malaysians have extra money to save.

A negative savings rate indicates that a household spends more than it receives as regular income and finances some of the expenditure through credit (increasing debt)

Don't judge the whole country by your own personal habit.

SM said...

Bro HL,

Wa-lah...at last I agree with you 100%...no sarcastic comments to forward your way!
Although living in KL is surely going to be much more difficult than living in any smaller town in Malaysia, using your common sense (I must add that this trait is sorely missing in many Malaysians) can help your RM go a longer way.
When we go back to Shah Alam for our Annual Holidays, we still shop at Giant & Carrefour for Clothes & other essentials.

Freddie Kevin said...

Dear HL,

You source link is an opposition infested portal and has no crediblity. I have said this many times in my blog.

As you said "The article is politically motivated and only idiots will swallow it log,stock and barrel."

Glad that you took stock of the article intent.

Thank you