Saturday, April 9, 2011

Prostitution In Itself Is Not Criminal,Wonder Who Is the Loyar Buruk?

Hantu Laut

I have been dealing with lawyers since the day I first entered the business world and till to day I still engage their services whenever I need legal opinion.

Malaysia has its fair share of half-past-six lawyers.Those that go to law school and study the law books by heart to pass their examinations and than when they go into practice all of what they studied evanescent into thin air.That's why you have lawyers doing shady deals and some absconded with client's money.The pariahs of the flock.So, not all lawyers are smart.Some, are just too smart for their own good.

Anyone with average intelligence can be a lawyer, unlike other academics like nuclear physics, rocket science or even engineering and medicine which require above average students to surpass the level of difficulty of the subject.

The number of lawyers coming to the market every year is staggering.Malaysia is short of many other professions but will never be short of lawyers.They are a dime a dozen.

What I find most amusing is the splitting of hairs by the Bar Council President Lim Chee Wee who says “Prostitution in itself is not a criminal offence,” but acknowledged there were certain provisions in the law to prosecute those who offer sex in exchange for money.He was against the idea of Nazri calling for RCI (royal commission of inquiry) on the Anwar's purported sex tape.

Before the Bar Council President goes any further I would suggest he polish his English first before he try to bluff the people that he is a better lawyer than most lawyers in this country.

What is the definition of a prostitute according to the English language.......... a person, typically a woman, who engages in sexual activity for payment.

Our learned person may be confused between a prostitute and a whore.They are world apart.A whore is not a prostitute.

Whoring oneself is not criminal.A whore is a promiscuous woman and being promiscuous is not a criminal act but prostitution in Malaysia according to the law is criminal as it involved exchange of money for sexual favours. Would you be called a prostitute if you don't practise the profession?

If a prostitute decides to give you a free fuck than it may not be criminal but if you are caught in the act and she is a known prostitute you may have a hard time to prove that you got it for free.Both of you can be charged.So, prostitution in itself is criminal, at least in this country.

In UK, prostitution is legal but there certain rules to be observed.... no soliciting in public place, no kerb crawling, no brothel and no pimping.So, how do man find a prostitute? If you have been to London and ever used any of the public telephone booths you would have noticed all those name cards stuck on the walls and of course some do advertise in newspaper and magazines. Most European countries have legalised prostitution.

Surprisingly, prostitution is illegal in the world's biggest fleshpot.In Thailand prostitution is illegal but tolerated and partly regulated.It is practised openly.Thailand has an estimated 2 million sex workers and is the most popular sex tourism destination.

That's the trouble when a lawyer started mixing the law with politics and smells strongly of a political agenda.Read what he says here.

Anyway, who gives the fuck about the letter of the law.We want to know whether it is Anwar in the tape, plain and simple, RCI can clear his name.Why is he so worried even asking for an RCI on the Altantuya case and scores of other irrelevant to be done first.

I agree, Nazri calling for RCI is premature.Putting the cart before the horse. We should allow the police to complete its investigation first before calling for RCI which much depend on the general perception of the public. If the public is happy with the result of the police investigation than
RCI is unnecessary.

Wonder who is the loyar buruk here.

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Freddie Kevin said...

Dear HL,

Hope you have good friends who are good lawyers. Absolutely agree with you about the RCI. Lets wait until investigations are over.

Thank you

Are You Gonna Go My Way said...

Law schools teach you how to READ laws...not an exact science unlike medic or engineering where you can get the answer using the formula you'd learn.

Obviously those people at Bar Council do not know how to read law.They are more interested in using law to rule rather than they are ruled by law. An opposite to what our constitution is all about.

Anonymous said...

It suit ur name bcos not only u hantu but lacking in law language. Go further ur english. simple as that

Anonymous said...

as citizens ,what is important to one is not to

get overawed by the laws of the country. the enforcers of the

law -police, dbkl chappies, trade guys etc etc are flexible people.

most important to realize what the manader of an investment bank

emphasized to me-

malaysia bolih/ tell that to to the enforcers/ then be

polite- abang bolih kautim tak?

in bolehland laws are mere suggestion- esp if one is a chinaman

or a lawyer [better still both]. there is nothing that the paper

that carry the king's head cannot kau tim.........

And legally speaking, this is also a kind or arbitrasi-

saving the court's time lah

who do u think stays in 10 per cent of the city condos-

choo cheng kay

low yatt

jalan kolam air condo

etc etc other condos

who do yo think the taxis carry before and after midnight

fr condos to some posh bungalows/ condotels like the

one in jalan u-thant?

answer-u know lah. no need for me to over clarify

be practical and observant , man