Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Commonality Of Anwar And Strauss-Kahn

Hantu Laut

Dominique Strauss-Kahn may be innocent or guilty as sin. Tales of the powerful and privileged appetite for sexual indiscretions.His case has in every aspect in commonality with Anwar's. It is about sexual indiscretion, lies, arrogance and abuse of power. Though, there is one huge difference between him and Anwar, he readily submits himself to body examination for DNA.

Anwar refused to give DNA sample and made mockery of the judge, the witnesses, the prosecution and the justice system and turned a criminal case into the longest political circus and with it political mileage to his and the opposition advantage.

Since a law compelling suspect to give DNA sample was non existence at that time, he got away with it.He should have, if he is truly innocence, voluntarily given a specimen of his DNA, which would have made life easier for him, the court, the defence and prosecution and would have shorten the case thereby saving court's time and tax payer's money. The police had to used stealthy method to get specimen of his DNA, which has now been found to match those found in the complainant's anus.

The judge has concluded a prima facie case and called for Anwar's defence. He accused the judge of "prejudging his guilt" even before he entered his defence.

To Anwar everything is a political dish for public consumption, the law is of no consequence.

There are many similarities in the two cases.

Many deemed Anwar innocent and victim of a frame up and political persecution. Many Malaysians are still spellbound that he is completely innocent and can do no wrong.

In the case of Kahn the allegation of sexual molestation and attempted rape shocked the French nation and many do not believe he is capable if such heinous behaviour and speculation of possible fixing of his wagon is in the air.Like Anwar's, his wife also stood by his innocence in spite of his wily reputation as the "great seducer" and history of infidelities.

They are classic examples of stand by your man no matter what.Wives from heaven or wayang kulit? Sometimes, power and money can turn a blind eye.

The great synonymity of the two cases are........... though Kahn has not officially confirmed it but seen as the best contender for the top job, both men are gunning for the chief executive positions of their respective country.

Both, might not get to their destinations, because of their own undoing.


SM said...

Bro HL,

A few comments...

1/ Although I think DSAI is innocent, I do not think he can do no wrong & yes I do think he a Political "crook"

2/ I don't blame him for not giving his DNA (seriously, just because he may be a crooked Politician...does not mean his stupid!)

3/ As usual you have a "strange" fixation on him! I bet if he retires your article output will be seriously affected ;)

And if I may ask your indulgance to digress a little...

4/ With Ibrahim Katak Ali declaring a Jihad against Malaysian Christians, I am finally seriously thinking of migrating or at least planning to ensure that my son studies overseas & stays there! I used to tell my friends & relatives who have migrated that the "Grass is NOT always Greener" where they are BUT now...well...I have to eat my words!

5/ PM Najib just gave a speech about Moderation etc etc (some very big words in the title of that speech) at Oxford, BUT yet in Malaysia, you have Utusan & PERKASA & Ibrahim Ali running riot! Maybe our PM should take a careful look at his own backyard before lecturing others to clean-up theirs?!

6/ Although I have often been critical of KJ in the past, I must say that in the last couple of weeks, his comments & speeches have been very moderate & in the REAL spirit of 1-Malaysia (unlike poeple lile Muhyiddin, Rais & Hishamuddin)!

Hantu Laut said...

You may be the pot calling the kettle black.I can add up the number of your comments against Najib and UMNO and we might have a competition to see who is the winner.It could be you, it could be me.

Why, I have a fixation for Anwar? I am not the only one that share the same doubt about this man, there are many.... because he wants to be prime minister of the country and I think, morally, he is not qualified.I will do my best and I believe it is my loyal duty to the nation to help to make sure he does not become prime minister because I think he is a phoney. I might not succeed but at least I tried and I am prepared for the repercussion if he succeeded.

Who gives the fuck about Ibrahim Ali and his stupid grandstanding.He can shout "crusade" till kingdom come who is going to follow him.I am not going to give him credence to even write about him.He is a nut case and best ignored.

It is people like DAP and you who gave him so much credibility and his balls got swollen and he would continue doing it.

I won't even called him arrogance, he is just an empty vessel playing to the gallery, just like Anwar before....ultra Malay-ism.

SM said...

Bro HL,

Hahahaha! Marah nya! Looks like I touched a raw nerve?!
Don't blame the DAP for Ibrahim Ali. Blame people like Mahatir & Muhyiddin who supports PERKASA & Ibrahim Ali. Blame UMNO that "quietly" supports PERKASA. And don't tell me that UMNO des not support PEERKASA (after shouting all those seditious comments he's still roaming free!). What about Utusan? a slap on the wrist after all that hoo-haa?!
You may take the high ground & say you don't take Ibrahim Ali, PERKASA & Utusan seriously BUT remember all those people sitting in thier hovels in those Kampongs. They have no Internet, etc. All they have is their TVs (we know who runs the news on TV don't we?) & the Malay Newspapers like Utusan & Berita Harian!
They are the ones that UMNO & PERKASA are targetting for support! They are the ones who will believe this shit bags!

Anonymous said...

Why did you not see that in Malaysia to date, there is only one case of sodomy ever brought against anyone. Why isn't there any other cases out there?
There are, of course numerous rape case...and of course really old ladies getting rape..
What is the probability of 62 year old man committing an act as described in the court is virtually impossible. If it was consensual...It will never come out in the open.
What happen on the other side of the world with Strauss- Khan is not comparable.

Iskandar said...

The big difference of course being the "prosecutor". In Malaysia's instance, it is common knowledge that the AG has many indescretions on his record, and the Police and Judiciary are well known to be biased and often used as compliant tools to keep the ruling party in power, and at the same time make their own laws in order to hide theirs and their "masters" questionable actions.

That is a very big difference....

Abdul Aziz said...

Dear Hantu laut,
You are indeed a hantu laut. Why do I say so? Its because only hantus work for scumbags and you are one of them. You only look for similarities that fulfilled your lust to support current regime. Therefore you do not look for dissimilarities. Let me shed some light to you since you are blind. Read this article in cc: http://edition.cnn.com/2011/CRIME/05/16/new.york.imf.questioning/index.html?hpt=T2. What dissimilarities do you find in this case? Very glaring... The maid FOUGHT her way through! Did Saiful as a man fought his way through with Anwar? The maid reported IMMEDIATELY to the hotel authorities and the police. Saiful took 2 days to rport to the police. Strauss-Kahn is 62 years old may be similar to Anwar but he did NOT have a bad back like Anwar. Strauss-Kahn admitted to consensual extramarital sexual relationship in the past while Anwar did NOT. Did the maid met President Obama seeking a scholarship like Saiful? Did Anwar left his phone and other personal things after he allegedly sodomized Saiful? Did the maid still attended to Strauss-Kahn after she was sexually assaulted? DNA should be used only as a corroborative evidence not the main evidence. Everybody knows that, may be except you and the current Malaysian regime. The act of rape and sodomy must be proven first, only then the DNA evidence is used to corroborate or strengthen the main evidence. Did the court proved that the act took place? NONE! Let's say your neighbor's house is broken into and the police found your shoes containing your DNA. Does that prove you broke into your neighbor's house? NO! The police has to prove that you broke into your neighbor's house. In Anwar's case there is no prove Anwar did the act. Only the DNA evidence is used. In Islam to accuse someone of rape you must bring 4 non-fasiq witness. Why? Because the accusation of rape is a very serious crime. And accusing someone is worse than murder. Why? Because the stigma may last generations. Thats why false accusation in Islam carries a penalty of 80 lashes. I can go on Mr Hantu... If you are a Muslim you better bertaubat. Publish my comment in FULL if you dare.

Abdul Aziz said...

Oh... one more thing about your assertions that Anwar refused to submit his DNA and made a "mockery" of the judge. Strauss-Khan readily submitted his DNA BEFORE the case was taken to court. It is to help the police in the investigation. Once there are enough evidence then only the case is taken to court. In Anwar's case, the DNA was NOT asked before the case was taken to court, it was during the court session. Therefore the police did not have enough evidence to prosecute Anwar before taking to court i.e. no case against Anwar.

Anonymous said...

....how much are you paid...can i also join you as being a parasite is damn bloody easy job....

Anonymous said...

Here we have a system which makes a judge make silly judgements (accepting "contaminated"/illegal samples, and a charge of consensual sex which isn't accepted by the accuser himself, as credible), and you ask why we don't trust the system with our DNA??
You're a piece of work, HL ...

Anonymous said...

It is easier to get your wife to support you in the event of infidelity if you are higher up in the power structure and visible.

Wives of these 'powerful' men will lose their dignity or so they think if they admit that their husband, whom the masses worship, were secretly having an affair behind their backs.

So that is why you hardly find any wives of powerful leaders admitting to their husbands' infidelity.

So for men to be able to do what he likes, you just have to be more powerful to the point that your wife will keep a blind eye on what you can do behind her back. And they will do this willingly without you having to cajole them. This is true in 95% of cases.

bumi-non-malay said...

You sure you can comprehend the word COMMONALITY??...is this Sak Sama or Keadilan??

Lets talk some sense first....can malay who steal the buiputera Rights from Orang Asli can share the COMMONALITY as being TRUE Bumiputera of Malaysia.

Then again disrupt is my game and I share the same COMMONALITY with you ...just that I do it the other way against UMNO and their Tools. Time to up the ante....Looks like Saiful have increase his UTK/SB guarding him...WHY?....that means TEOH/Kugan murderers are Vulnerable.....win-win!

SM said...

Bro HL,

Just to let you know, I only comment using my initials "SM"