Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sabah Copycats - Circus In Town

Hantu Laut

The circus is in town.The clowns had a field day entertaining the Daily Express to a round of slapsticks and horse shits.

The front page headline screamed "Anti-Musa, anti Shafie group"

"What a waste of premium space for a group of unheard of political stragglers" said the news vendor whom I get my daily from.

We are against Musa Aman and Shafie Apdal's leadership but we support the federal leadership and we want a meeting with Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to discuss this issue.

Leading these "Save Sabah" bunch of court jesters was out of the wood work Movement for Change Sabah chief, Abdul Razak Salam, the son of Datu Abdul Salam, brother of the late Tun Mustapha Harun, the controversial and most colourful chief minister Sabah ever had. Two Grumman executive jets and one customised Boeing 707 for his personal use.His playgrounds, the casinos of Beirut and London.

Gun-toting Salam was no less controversial when he pointed his gun and threatened the receivers who came to foreclose his Dashrun Hotel in Kuala Lumpur during the Mustapha's era.The receivers had no choice but to back off and lodged a police report but no charge was ever brought against Salam.

“We hope to change the system of cronyism that is prevalent in our political system. We will not be accepting funds from anybody who wishes to control us" said another MoCS joker.

Obviously, they must be loaded with money, not needing any financial help from anyone.

“We want to change the mentality of fear and intimidation that the government uses to turn its people to be subservient to them.”

Sabah has changed government 4 times since the formation of Malaysia which shows we are not easily intimidated or live in fear of the government except in the early days of USNO where political dissent assumed as terrorists would end up in Kepayan (Sabah version of Guantanamo Bay those days)

These are the very same people who joined Yong Teck Lee in the Batu Sapi by-election in October 2010 and promised him heaven and hell to deliver the bumiputra or rather the migrant's votes to him.

Yong lost his balls and the Batu Sapi debacle would make life harder for him in the next general elections.He would be fighting an uphill battle against DAP for the Chinese seats in Sabah.

Musa is a state leader and chief minister and Shafie is a national leader and a federal minister and both are members of UMNO supreme council.

Musa may not be the best of the bests but he knows best the business of development.Shafie is shrewd but not yet proven other than being very close to Najib and given a huge coffer for rural development.Money, would definitely buy favours, at least in Sabah, it does.

MoC Sarawak candidate Salleh Jaffarudin got skunked in the Sarawak elections and these Sabah copycats were already counting their eggs and given VIP treatment and front page headline from the papers that know Sabah best.

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