Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Indian Mandore

GEORGE TOWN: Penang MIC Youth has accused Bersih 2.0 chairperson S Ambiga of being the latest Pakatan Rakyat mandore out to hoodwink Indians to support the opposition coalition.

Over the past month, MIC Youth’s J Dhinagaran said Pakatan had featured Ambiga as its Indian face to woo Indians to take part in the July 9 rally and to support the opposition in the next polls.

“Pakatan’s main target are emerging cyber-savvy Indian youths,” he told reporters today after filing a police report against the Bersih rally.

He alleged that Pakatan leaders, especially Anwar Ibrahim, had portrayed Ambiga as a “dynamic, gutsy and uncompromising Indian leader representing the people’s interests.”

Dhinagaran accused Ambiga, the former Bar Council president, of using the rally to promote herself to secure a seat to contest in the next polls under a Pakatan ticket.

He added that Pakatan planned to use the rally to galvanise the Malaysian electorate against Barisan Nasional and promote Ambiga as the next “great Indian hope with a multi-racial outlook.”

“It’s actually a win-win situation for Ambiga and Pakatan. In the end, the loser will be the Indian community,” he said.

He chided Ambiga for never having spoken out on any Indian issue and had always wore the multi-racial hat to promote herself as an Indian mandore within the opposition rank.

For Anwar, he said, Ambiga was a perfect candidate due to her legal and NGO backgrounds.

Whether the Bersih rally takes place or not, Dhinagaran said he was sure of Pakatan parading Ambiga as its top Indian leader.

“Pakatan non-Indian leaders will not want a strong Indian grassroots leader among their equals. Ambiga standing as an elitist without grassroots background will suit the bill for Pakatan.

“It’s just a dirty tactic by Anwar and company to deceive the working class Indians,” he told FMT.Read more.


Anonymous said...

MIC and UMNO are so alike. They resort to character asssination when they are unable to argue intelligently. Or maybe they are not intelligent in the first place. Its a case of sour grapes. MIC cant get hold of Ambiga who probably dont want to touch them with a 100 metre stick. So they had to discredit her.
This Indian is no mandore like other MIC leaders, she has her own mind and principles. She probably has more in common with Zaid and I wont be surprised if she joins KITA rather than DAP or PKR. The only party she wont join is the MIC, thats for sure. There are too many Mandores and Achees and Ammas there.

sri hartamas

Purple Haze said...

The MIC, similar to its cohorts in the BN, are once again using ethnicity instead of attempting to discredit her on the merits/demerits of the case.

Why can't they argue logically ?

Anonymous said...

Where have you been all these years, Dinagaran. The indian community have nothing, nada, zero to lose, and no thanks to you and your gang of grave robbers!!!It's because they were robbed by their own kind who disguise themselves as robin hood when they are more like Mubaraks. Demand share of 20 million but disperse none.

Any Mutu, Raja, or Murthy (equivalent of tom, dick, or harry) can and will do a far superior job than you MicPutras.

They trusted their future to a group of unscrupulous greedy bloodsuckers (UGBs) for the last 50 years. Today they have nothing to call their own and you, a UCB's youself, have lost you rights to represent the Malaysian Indians. So shut the hell up and better enjoy your ill gotten gains before they come for you.