Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Uncivil Servants

Hantu Laut

Shocking! Civil servants with no civility and respect for the public.Are they qualified to do the job?

Why is there a need to haul up the photographer? Which law has she broken?Is this country China or worse North Korea where such things are not tolerated? Have they never heard of "civil rights"?

Do they know why they are called civil servants and the meaning of the word "civil" ? Lest they forget they are public servants paid by the public to serve the public.

"Saya yang menurut perintah" is a joke, a falsidical paradox, absoletism that should have been dropped and replaced with " Saya yang memerintah." which is exactly what the civil servants think they are, masters not servants.

" Saya yang menurut perintah" is not exactly the same as "I am your obedient servant" a relic of of the colonial administration.

The Malay version is intentionally made ambiguous.It can mean following orders from the top not from the pathetic public.

This is the kind of uncivil behaviour by a few bad apples that's killing the Najib's administration and tarnished the whole civil service

Since they have poor public relations such officers should be taken off dealing with the public and given desk jobs.

A civil action against those MCMC officers is justified.

Video below:

Full story here.


Ganesh said...

It's unfortunate that civil servants with investigative powers such as the MCMC, SPRM and PDRM often abuse their powers.Actually its only some of the civil servants that act in such a way but they bring disgrace to the very agency/body they are representing. They often forget to whom they are actually serving. Public perception of our civil services are quite low. Other goverment or semi goverment agencies have improved a lot in service to the public. I.e the EPF and the Companies commision (SSM). Perhaps its time that the 'ketua pengarah' from well run goverment agencies be given the opportunity to turn around these rogue govenrment departments( except the police of course).

Anonymous said...

The worrd 'civil' in Civil Servant has the same meaning as the word 'civil' in Civil War.It is a misnomer.

Anonymous said...

These office obviously doesn't know the law. They are not competent. Fire them. Biadap.

kittykat46 said...

I'm a hobby photographer who sometimes dabbles in photojournalism. I was incensed to read about the way the photographer has been treated like a criminal by the MCMC. The camera and lens records the scene as it existed at that moment in time. There is no suggestion that the photos she took have been doctored in any way. Other than that, if the MCMC doesn't like it , that's their problem, not the photographer's.

However, unlike you, I don't believe these are just a few bad apples in Najib's uncivil service.
The entire Uncivil Service and their puppets - PDRM, MCMC, ROS, RTM, Utusan Malaysia, even the Health Ministry has been drafted to "hentam" Bersih 2.0 and anybody suspected of being connected with it (forget about due process) ,by all means fair or crooked.

And this could only be done by instructions right from the top.
They are done either on orders from Najib, or with his knowledge and at least implied consent.

Those are the facts as I see it.