Monday, September 19, 2011

The Infallible Anwar Ibrahim

Hantu Laut

When everyone think the undesirable side effects of the sex video has worn off, alas, new CCTV video evidence has emerged that revealed Anwar and Eskay's arrival and departure from the building at about the same time the sex video was taken of Anwar's sexual tryst.

Why is Eskay trying to fix Anwar whom he claimed his very good friend? I must say, it's one million dollar question, or larger still, maybe, a twenty million ringgit question.Why Eskay betrayed Anwar is still a mystery.

Would you sellout your very good friend for money? Obviously, some people would do anything for money.You good Christians would know who Judas is? His full name is Judas Iscariot, one of the 12 disciples of Jesus, who betrayed him for 30 pieces of silver.

Is Eskay a Judas or a 'man of conscience' as he claimed to be when he exposed the sex video?

Anwar may have weaknesses that his friends knew they can take advantage of if they do not get what they want from him.

In Western society politicians and those holding high public office better stay clear of weaknesses of character because if you are caught with your pants down you are dead meat, your opponents and society in general would make sure they send you to the dustbin of history. Many political angels in the West have fallen on the wayside for their sexual indiscretions, but in Malaysia it is a small matter. If one is to go by the Western moral standard a leader must possess, oppositions leaders and Anwar's supporters have made Anwar an exception to the rule. He is just infallible, incapable of committing sins or even if he did it's nobody's business.

As usual there would be a quick denial from PKR. Here, the sycophantic PKR vice president N.Surendran who usually wasted no time blaming UMNO for all of Anwar's woes has become an expert in photo analysis.

Instead of saying the man in the video is a spitting image of Anwar, which is obvious even to the naked eyes, he blamed UMNO for planning and faking the video.He also questioned the shirt that Eskay used, saying it is not the same shirt as in the sex video.

Obviously, he knew very little about photography and make a quack analysis of the video.He probably have not heard of 'backlighting' where the object in front of the camera with a light source behind him would be in silhouette and would appear dark and colourless. The video was exactly that, Eskay was in silhouette and Anwar facing the light source. Eskay could also have brought a spare shirt to change after his own act. The sex video revealed a door to an adjoining room which Eskay eventually escaped to leaving Anwar on his own.

Here, Anwar says PKR will not indulge in smut politics and will not waste time countering this kind of dirty politics. They will counter-terrorise the BN with socio-economic issues. Well and good. Anyway, Malaysia is not alone in the global economic downturn, many Western nations are in worse positions, some on the verge of bankruptcy. Just think of Greece,Ireland,Spain,Portugal and even the U.S, which recently have to increase its debt ceiling because it ran out of cash.

Malaysians are spoilt lot, they want every thing cheap or free, and if they don't get it, they blame the government and more often than not instigated by badass politicians.It's also very true the government must look after the welfare of the people but giving subsidies on almost every consumables imaged would eventually break the finances of the nation.

I do believe there was something very wrong with the government finances and economic policy that began to rot under the previous administration and is getting worse. If Najib do not find a formula to arrest the slide he would be sitting duck soon. His decision to scrap the ISA and other draconian laws has been well received by majority of the people.He may need new 'necessary evil' laws to take care of terrorism and national security which the oppositions have declared they would oppose.

I am in Cambodia at the moment, a poor country, very much poorer than Malaysia.Amazingly, the price of regular petrol is US$1.13 and premium petrol at US$1.36 per litre, much much higher than in Malaysia but the Cambodians took it in their strides knowing with the high world prices of oil there is nothing much their government can do.Those who can't afford would not buy a car, they buy small motorbikes which consumed much less petrol or take the tuk-tuk which is dirt cheap, a bit uncomfortable, but it gets you there. Cars are dirt cheap too and what are considered posh cars in Malaysia are ordinary and common cars here.Range Rovers,Hummers,Porsche Cayenne,Lexus are common cars on the dirty and sometimes muddy streets of PhnomPenh.

In Malaysia a guy who earned less than RM1,000 would dare buy a car, a Kancil at least. No deposit and low instalment payments were the main attractions but they forgot they have to fuel, maintain and repair the car.Unfortunately, that's the typical Malaysian psyche and more rampant among the bumiputras.

If you can't get it blame the government.

Malaysia must get out of the middle income trap and the only way is to increase productivity, wages and standard of living, certainly not by giving subsidies.Direct subsidies should only be given to the old and infirm.

Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) may not be wrong when he says Anwar probably knew about the trap but "walked into", and he did indeed commit the acts for which he is currently indicted.

Anwar has threatened to sue LKY but there seemed to be no progress on the case.

Taking LKY on would be like living between a rock and a hard place, may just open another can of worms.

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