Friday, September 23, 2011

Pahang MB Is He Guilty Of Contempt Of Court ?

Hantu Laut

Are politicians and civil servants above the law? Why should they be allowed to show disrespect to our courts while ordinary Malaysians who dared to show contempt would have to face the music ?

Contempt of court usually carries imprisonment, and the same sentence, without any exception, should apply to ministers, chief ministers, menteri besar and the prime minister if they show disrespect to the court.

Read the story here , which shows without any doubt the arrogance of the Menteri Besar of Pahang, refusing to pay the plaintiff for judgement against the state government affirmed by the highest court in the country.

The Federal Court has affirmed the judgement made by the lower court.Even if the blunder was made by his predecessor the state would still have to pay the plaintiff.

The law forbids the foreclosure of state assets even if judgement has been granted against the state government.A judgement against any state government or for that matter the Federal government could just be a useless piece of paper if you don't know how to enforce it.

The Pahang Menter Besar is using this protective law to ignore the court order, or the state government has no money to pay up, which is most unlikely, as the state can always seek help of the Federal government.

I sympathise with the plaintiff, he must be at his wits end on what to do next, so much so, he is barking up the wrong tree, asking the Prime Minister to intervene. Najib can only mediate, he can't enforce the court order, only the court can do so.

The plaintiff should go back to the court and cite the Menteri Besar for contempt and if he still refused to pay, the court, I'll be surprised, if he is not thrown in prison.

You can't get the state assets but you can get the Menteri Besar.

That was my two pennies worth of advice.


vinnan said...

Thrown into jail for not paying a bunch of non-Malays. Itr will never happen. This is the real face of the 'Ketuanan' racial supremacist.

Anonymous said...

Thats the situation in Malaysia NOW.


SM said...

Bro HL,

To answer your question...
Only UMNO (& some UMNO cronies &maybe some other BN party lapdogs) Politicians are above the Law!
We ALL know this to be true.

SM said...

Bro HL,

I remember this idiot MB denying making vulguar signs at some opposition supporters. It was all over YouTube but he still denied it & yes, it did not hurt his career one tinny winny bit!