Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Why Are Pakatan Leaders Not Asking For Royal Commission On The Anwar's Video Sex Tape

Hantu Laut

Read here, the double standards of Pakatan leaders, putting political expediency ahead of moral standard of the man who is likely to be the future prime minister of this country.

Indeed! Don't you think Pakatan Rakayat's leaders would be screaming their heads off if it was Najib implicated in the sex video? Would they not be asking for a Royal Commission (RC)? Would they not be asking for his resignation? Would they not be asking for his head on the chopping block?

They have asked and pushed for RC on the Lingam's tape and the death of Teo Beng Hock.The government obliged and what did they do, they ridiculed the findings of the RC.

The latest video released by Papagomo shows a spitting image of Anwar and his friend Eskay entering and leaving the building where the video was taken.

Why not do one on Anwar to clear his name since he aspires to be the prime minister?

Alternatively, Anwar can haul the 3 Datuks to court to clear his name.


Anonymous said...

Talking about double standards of PKR supporters, they are screaming mad at PM Najib and Rosmah, saying that the two are 'chickens' for applying to set aside subpoenas ordering them to appear as witnesses in the ongoing anwar sodomy.2 trial.
They are screaming to deprive PM Najib and wife's rights under the law to make the application.PM Najib and wife have every right under the law to make the application, just as anwar has every rght to delay court proceedings for 3 years by making applications for adjournments for every possible reasons.

Anonymous said...

Where did you leave your brains?

Seeking possible vindication via the courts is definitely better than thru nay RCI. Get it?

Anonymous said...

why cant they appear in court and answer the defence????....after all why worry if it was true and not a conspiracy

Anonymous said...

Ain't this a stupid suggestion? It shows the ignorance of those who suggest this.

The matter had already gone to court. Whilst the culprit has been punished, the culprits' lawyer fully abetted by the prosecutor had wilfully shown the video in open court and had also said that 2 american experts confirmed that the man in the video is Anwar. So the official stand is that the man in the video is Anwar although the court of public opinion thought otherwise.

I thought RCI are only called for when police investigation met a dead end and they had failed to identify the perpetrators like in the TBH's case or the Lingam's case.

You need to brush up yr law.
The proper thing is for you to call on the authorities to charge Anwar for lodging a false report since the official line is that Anwar was featured in the tape.

SM said...

Bro HL,

You are assuming that the guy is DSAI!
Just like you & the rest of UMNO are assuming that the "actor" in that earlier video was DSAI.
Yes, both "actors" look like DSAI. Looks like him, maybe even "screws" like him BUT as your Master's Lawyer (i.e. Lingam) said, may not be him!
We all know that Eskay & UMNO are gunning for DSAI so what's new?
It very well be DSAI BUT we can't really tell right?
I may not want DSAI to be PM either BUT that does not mean I'm going to condem him for something I can't be sure of.

Anonymous said...

Those guys who had seen the sex video and still say that the man in the video is not anwar and had the cheek to say that court of public opinion believe it is not anwar must either be blind or plain anwar's 'blind' supporters.

Anonymous said...

Why the need for a RCI? Is the video authentic? The trio should file the case in syariah court. They dare not obviously..

Anonymous said... implies mischieve, sin and instigator. This guy must have the whole battalion voting in every election.

Anonymous said...

The police claimed they have completed their investigation, that mean they should already know who the f'^* is that actor in the video, it's either AI or it's not. The stupid IGP announcement that they are going to investigate AI for making false police report is talking f^*' because since he already know the true of the actor, they either charge AI or charge those who make those stupid reports against AI. Why waste my stupid f'^*ing tax money by wasting their (police) time talking rubbish instead of doing real work?

And you too! you bloody HANTU is not that stupid right? I'm damn sure you know what is the true in this incident, don't you? Calling for a RCI?