Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Iran: Another Of America's Big Bullshit !

Hantu Laut

Another America's big bullshit excuse to bomb or invade another country and again at the behest of the same "no balls" regime Saudi Arabia, who can't fight its own war. Story here.

What benefits would Iran get by assassinating the Saudi's Ambassador to the U.S? It's absolutely ridiculous allegation.

Remember Iraq and Saddam Hussein's WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction), the big lie that the US and Britain used as the excuse to invade Iraq.

The U.S also need to find a diversion from its own domestic problems.It is again entering a recession and possibly another financial debacle.

The "Occupy Wall Street" protests have spread to over 70 US cities. The White House need to fabricate something quickly to scare the American people and divert attention from its mounting domestic problems.

The Western's media will have a field day deceiving the American people into believing the threat from Iran and justification for war.


Anonymous said...

now we see how the muslim saudis
will finance another us led war
to exterminate a few hundred thousand
iranian muslims

the bloody muslim brothers are at it again-----

killing their own muslim brothers then lamenting all over the world-their nemesis the jews are
killing their muslim brothers..

the fucking good for nothing saudis
dogs of war..

khong khek klhuat

Purple Haze said...

But what if it is true ?

I'm sure they have tapes and video of the suspects attempting to secure the necessary resources to back up the allegations.

However, if one subscribes to conspiracy theories, then it could also be a setup.