Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Very Talented Mr Anwar Ibrahim

Hantu Laut

I foresee an all out war between Raja Petra and Anwar with more inglorious truths coming out of Petra's cannon. Knowing Petra's style, he would not back off, until he sees Anwar in the quagmire.

We should know what Anwar's respond would be, flogging the same old dead horse............another conspiracy by Najib and UMNO and the whole hungry wolves in Pakatan would back him to the hilt.

You, probably, have read the book or seen the movie "The Talented Mr Ripley" who took extreme measures when his original mission failed.

Our very talented Mr Anwar Ibrahim really have the nerves and the balls to continue fooling Malaysians to believe in his innocence.

Read the "Very Talented Mr Anwar Ibrahim" here.


Purple Haze said...

Must say one thing about RPK. He brings on the dirt on both sides of the aisle.

Just wonder which side has more dirt?

Hantu Laut said...

Purple Haze, of course and you know it is BN.Don't forget they have been around for over half a century, but at least they don't deny it.

I certainly won't have a hypocrites and a liar as PM, no matter how brilliant he is.That's how dictator and despot are made, because the people chose to be blind.

Anonymous said...

Hantu Laut you are a blind man. See the dirt that YAB Anwar has unearthed. Can you imagine if not for him BN would have been returned with a 2/3 majority in GE12 and would have won all the seats in Parliament in GE13. Now we do not know even if GE13 will be held this year.Like Wikileaks you can jail its leader and now you can jail YAB Anwar for 20 years and throw away the keys but Malaysia will never be the same again. I hope for the better.

Hantu Laut said...


No Brother, I am not blind, you are blinded by Anwar's purple phrose,hypocrisy and lies.Make him the PM and you would only see later what grave mistake you have made.

eddy said...

Bro HL, the picture of Anwar lying on the bed with tubes inserted in his nose looking not sick at all, says it all. A picture does tell a thousand word..the guy is literally a sicko!

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