Monday, April 23, 2012

Bersih Rent A Crowd

Hantu Laut

A question for Ambiga, why must it be Dataran merdeka?

There are hundred of places you can show off your virility, if you actually have any.

Obviously, any where else off the beaten track, you would not be able to attract the people to carry out your political agenda.

Dataran Merdeka does not belong to people like you, it belongs to law-abiding Malaysians, not people with political agenda. 

A bunch of bullshit artists, a protest like yours should be like spontaneous combustion, just announce the time and place, if you have the support of the masses, they would even go to Timbaktu.

In central KL or Dataran Merdeka, you can rent a crowd for free, ain't it?


Purple Haze said...


You are absolutely right in this comment - In central KL or Dataran Merdeka, you can rent a crowd,

Because the same applies to BN as well.

There is however, a letter being circulated in cyberspace that implicates Islamic religious authorities in Johor for offering financial remuneration to send representatives to "greet" the arrival of PM Najib.

I cannot verify if that is true but if it is, then most certainly the BN folks have resorted to paying money for attendance.

I have not yet seen any similar letters doing the same for the Opposition and certainly, I am open to accepting that is possible. But till todate, I have not seen such letters.

Point is - BN has seemingly offered money for attendance, while PR has not. That is based only on my information rec'd.

As for Bersih 3.0, I think that shifting venue won't affect attendance (but of course, I could be wrong but that's a IMO). Dataran Merdeka has obviously more significance as a venue for national issues such as electoral reform, which is something that I feel BN politicians should also support since it is for better and more efficient conduct of elections.

Hmmmm, I wonder why the BN fellows oppose cleaner and more equitable election processes?

Despite your political leanings, I think you should also support the principles behind the Bersih movt. Based on the EC's latest electoral rolls, there may be more than 80,000 dubious voters registered since this is the aggregate of those people who have been found to be part of a registration exercise which saw more than 50 people registered as voters at one address.

One of your readers said that it could be a result of some rural areas utilising a single postal address. But todate, the EC has kept awfully quiet. I would have thought the EC would have immediately provided the clarification - after all, they are the Election Commission. It looks like they don't know how to explain these anomalies.

abdooss said...

Because last year, they were promised Stadium Merdeka too.. but the Great Leader renegaded on his words.

Who am I? A party-less person but Malaysian nevertheless.

Anonymous said...

DPM is coming to Kota Bharu tomorrow. People are being invited to have lunch at one of the top hotel in KB to make up the crowd. Even with a lunch at a top hotel offer, people are declining to attend. I bet the country's leaders are no more the crowd puller unless you want the mat rempits which is usually the BN crowd. The mat rempits can be hired at RM20 per head per bike. Now tell me who is the one renting a crowd?

Anonymous said...

Dataran Merdeka is our battle ground. We the hard supporters of Anwar will fight on the street for his agenda with our life. Our comrade Samad and Ambiga are true fighters for insisting on the venue. All supporter of Anwar are welcome to join the carnival. Parents of Tertiary level students please spare your time to see how your brilliant children showing their support to Anwar. You must be proud of them too.