Friday, April 13, 2012

"The Ides Of March" Recyling The Muss!

Hantu Laut

Have you seen the movie "Ides Of March" with its back-stabbing, connivance, skulldruggery and dirty politics?

If you don't already know "The Ides Of March" is not George Clooney's own original title for the movie. The Ides of March goes back thousands of years.

It's a term used by the Romans for middle of the month in the Roman calendar and is best known as the date on which Julius Caesar was murdered, on the 15th day of March 44 B.C. , stabbed 23 times by conspirators led by Brutus and Cassius Longinus and supported by 60 other co-conspirators.

In Shakespeare's play of Julius Caesar, chief conspirator Brutus had a ready answer why he killed Caesar when he addressed the people and told them:

"It's not that I loved Caesar less, but I loved Rome more"

Politics is such even those who pay allegiance to you can rise up against you in a most brutal way.Knowing your enemy outside is easy, knowing your enemy inside is walking in the dark, your best friend could be your worst enemy.

Caesar ignored the soothsayer that warned him to be beware of "The Ides Of March" with ended in fatal consequence for Caesar.

That's about enemies inside. There are also enemies outside and enemies at the gate, UMNO has plenty of these sorts.

Prime Minister Najib is again in the limelight with a recycling of the Atlantuya murder case sponsored by Suaram, a so-called human rights movement that has become a pathetic instrument of the oppositions.Like Bersih, its songs stink of politics.

In a conference with Mr Shaarribuu (video below), father of the late Altantuya who claimed his daughter showed him the photo of her with Baginda and Najib taken in Paris, non of the Suaram officials have asked him what happened to the photo.

In these days of digital technology, or even if taken by conventional film camera there are ways to get copies of the film if it truly exists.Obviously, there was no such photograph, otherwise, it would have appeared, somewhere, published for the whole world to see.

Are they really looking after the interests of human rights or working for the opposition to inflict maximum damage on Najib's reputation, by choosing the most opportune time to bring back Mr Shaarribuu and bring back the ghost of Altantuya.

What did the French court say about the money trail of the commission paid for purchase of the 2 submarines.Did they show solid evidence where the money goes to?

They did not, all they say was that they theorise that part of the money could have gone to Najib's pocket.

Theorise! The French Court must be a kangaroo court for it to accept unsubstantiated claims and theorised that Najib is guilty of corruption.

Can I say I theorised that Anwar murdered Altantuya and framed Najib for it?

Another recycling case was Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman, where ghost of the past was brought back , apparently, by an enemy within.

The Sabah's Caesar's story of UMNO heavyweight, purportedly, backed by PM Najib as the next Sabah Chief Minister is here. Musa denied the allegations.

With a bigger war chest, which Musa is prepared to use, Shafie Apdal may be at a disadvantage.The recent action of the government registering huge numbers of undocumented Sabahans in Semporna, which looked dubious and likely to be illegal immigrants, to help prop up supports for Shafie, could have a disastrous outcome, as the rest of Sabah, particularly, the KDM people look unkindly on the issue that have angered them for many decades against the Federal government refusal to look into the problem.It may change the KDM from voting BN.


Anonymous said...

Wrong move PM. If this is your idea of replacing the CM, be ready to lose more seats this coming GE. The KDMs will not accept a leader from Semporna.

Purple Haze said...

My greatest concern about the Altatunya case is not the existence of the photo. It is not relevant whether it exists.

My concern is that the two police personnel who were found guilty of murder indicated in their testimony that they were "instructed" from someone "above".

It is a travesty of justice for all Malaysians that the judge in that trial did not pursue finding out who gave the instructions.

HL, I think you should be seeking the truth and justice. Don't let your angst towards the Opposition personalities cloud your sense of justice and fair play.

Someone ordered the elimination of this Mongolian woman. The 2 police officers had no motive to kill her as they hardly knew who she was.

ayah said...

Conspiracy maa. Malaysia must have the most number of conspirators, and conspiracies abound everywhere. And Najib is always guilty, never Anwar or any other member of the opposition.
I can bet you that if the PR ever comes to power, there will be an inquisition the likes of which the world has never seen before, besting even the Spanish Inquisition!
There are accusations everywhere, but nothing ever to substantiate them. Show us something, then maybe, maybe...but until then people who spread lies should be called to account for them.

Anonymous said...

If you afraid of waves don't build your house on waterfront. If you dare to play the game of monkey business then you should be aware of the risk. I can understand the plight of the victims' father but to speculate who is involve without any evidence is a kind of discrimination which he professionally shouldn't do it.

Btw something interesting in S'pore. Illegal money lender maybe will be included to be detain without trial which will be proposed soon under a new law. In M'sia ISA is not relevant???? Only Moron will think so...

Anonymous said...

Poor Altantuya.. who "actually" murdered her? May her spirit haunt him/her for the rest of their life!

Agreed, the two stooges were just a vehicle in the whole conspiracy.