Wednesday, May 2, 2012

153:Wantonly Giving Provocation, With Intent To Cause Riot

Hantu Laut

Anwar Ibrahim, Azmin Ali and Amiga must not be allowed to go scot-free for the mayhem on 28 April 2012.These anarchists must be punished according to the law just like any of those protesters unfortunate enough to be caught by the police.

Those in collusion and those that instigated the rioting should carry the same punishment. The government should not fear a backlash as there wouldn't be any. The people have now seen the real Anwar Ibrahim and his willingness to resort to unlawful action to grab power.

This may be a cry in the wild and how my self-made "lawya burok" sees it. 

If the police can charge other protesters, why not Anwar and Azmin, both are law makers who should have known the laws better, but wantonly provoked protesters to break the law. 

Amiga is an accomplice and instrumental for organising the rally on behalf of the oppositions under the pretext of peaceful rally for free and fair elections.

All can be charged under Sections 146,149,152 and 153 of the Penal Code (Act 574).

Anwar and Azmin  could be charged under the section below.

153.Wantonly giving provocation, with intent to cause riot.

The sentence for the above crime is very light, one year, with fine, or with both.

The police and the AG should be in a better position to know what to charge these troublemakers with.

From Lim Chee Wei of "Stop The Lies" who wrote:
"An obituary is something that is not easy to write. One never knows what to say as consoling those that have lost a loved one is nearly always an exercise in futility. The violence and chaos that rained down on thousands of bused-in opposition members led by PKR deputy president Azmin Ali yesterday was the final nail in the coffin of the political life his mentor, Anwar Ibrahim". Read more here .

All fingers are pointing at Anwar and Azmi as the culprits  and all eyes are watching the AG whether he has the balls to charge them.

In the meantime, enjoys the blues.



Anonymous said...

I am totally against any violence and the breach of Ambiga's orders to disperse as the objectives were met already as early as 2.30pm, way before the 3+pm tear gas.

I totally agree with taking the culprits to court and throw the books at the perpetrators that caused the violence, charge them to the hilt!

But we are jumping the gun. Full investigations is yet to start, if any by the government.

What if the police are found to be equally guilty for unprovoked and excessive violence? Surely they have been over enthusiastic chasing after dispersing and peaceful supporters.

What if planted agents provocateur were proven?

If Anwar and Azmin were the cause, lock them up and throw away the keys.


Anonymous said...

In my view, it seems that the PDRM will be laughed at by their western counterparts for "excessive violence". In the London riots and Occupy Wall Street recently, we have seen, on CNN no less, the police employing tazer guns, batons and even rubber bullets to disable the protestors. I don't see any of these used against the protestors during the bersih 3.0 rally, although I would love to!

Btw, I can see from youtube clips that clearly shows the protestors breaching the Dataran barriers and the police reacting after that. I have trawled youtube since saturday night and have not found a single evidence otherwise. If there is, I imagine it would be highlighted and replayed hundreds of time by the bersih organizers, no?

While anon 1:28pm is keen to believe that the police have been over enthusiastic, it looks like he/she is also too keen to condemn PDRM before investigation starts.

Agent provocateurs is just another excuse to justify the violence caused by protestors who were fed by overhyped ceramah by politicians who clearly have other agendas. As it is the evidence that bersih supporters have forwarded (and there are many!)does not really hold water, just wishful thinking. There are however, Agents of Violence who bears the insignia of opposition parties whose presence there are clearly to cause riots. Strangely though, this issue of Agents of Violence is not highlighted. If you care to read the latest Harakah issue before the riot, you will see the main headlines quoting nik aziz (who else!) saying that it is compulsory to attend the bersih rally while indirectly implying that any means even violence is justified as long as BN is toppled. Nope, can't see the connection with bersih either but this is the rallying cry that stoked the inner rage of these Agents of Violence.

I am also bewildered by the fact that the organizers are clearly very smart at mathematics so much so that they can somehow convince protestors that there are so called 3 million "phantom voters" but can't put two and two together and see that bersih is clearly going to descend into chaos after what nik aziz says. So on this note, agree with anon 1:28 that the culprits must be thrown to prison but somehow he/she forgot to include ambiga in the list. Very strange.

P/s: who are the lawyer/bar council observers anyway and why do we have to believe that everything they say is true? since when are they the paragon of virtue and truth? what are those lawyer jokes that we often heard for? why not put in accountant as observers? at least they might be able to give a good estimate of the number of protestors compared to the lawyers.


Anonymous said...

Dear Anon 6:58pm,

Like, like, like....especially the 'P/S'.

BTW, there are many accountant jokes too!

Amad - Engineer

Anonymous said...

The creature that were assigned as observer have a pair of compound eye with them. Singapore media estimated it was about 25,000. Their report was more neutral and not likely to be biased.

Even the Bar Council has shown clearly without shame of their bias standing on this issue. The PANDI council who always talk about justice are the one who are promoting selective justice. They are pariah lawyers as far as justice is concerned.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:58
Since you have trawled youtube regarding the breach, which is not in dispute, have you seen the unnecessary videos of police violence on people too?

I do not condemn anyone, let the truth be told.

If the agent of violence were planted by PKR (since the breach has been widely attributed by them and I think you strongly believed in it) apprehend them and give them the maximum sentence! Let justice be done.

Ambiga has called for dispersal already before the chaos started.

I wished that BN had come out to support this movement to take away the glory from the opposition! It is not denied that the opposition had taken advantage of this movement which represents the people's unhappiness with the EC a supposedly independent body answerable only to the king.


Purple Haze said...

But can we trust the NST or other govt media estimates and reports ?

An article in the NST taking potshots at Aussie MP Xenophon had the audacity to change important words in his 2009 speech to paint him as "anti-Islam".

It is a FACT that the Hansard in the Australian Parliament has recorded the speech as using the word "Scientology" instead of "Islam" as written by NST.

Wake up, people. This is clear evidence that the govt controlled MSM will distort facts to achieve their end.

This is an offence under the Printing and Publications Act, surely. What say you, HL ?

Should NST's licence be suspended for creating seditious statements ? I mean, this could lead to Malaysians wanting to lynch Xenophon based on deliberate misreporting by a newspaper.

This is even more serious than Rais Yatim's rebuff to the BBC that Astro only reported the "best" parts. At least in ASTRO's case, they cut some of the reporting.

In NST's case, they changed the facts.

Kotepanjang said...

Look careful at the video this not Anwar on the lorry ( i bet my virgin anus on this), it was hever anwar ,it that guy from the chinadoll sexcapade la ,. you all blind ka?

BN paid him to pretend to be anwar again ,The real Anwar was never at Bersih.
Now they even got Azmin look a like there too.

This the real truth, the only truth ,so help me god