Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Distasteful, Imprudence And Contemptible

Hantu Laut

This kind of thing can only happen in third world countries, where third world mindset thrives and people have little self-respect. 

More often than not, those holding public offices and in politics lack continence, be it sex or power, they pay covenant to the devil.

What former Solicitor-General Yusof Zainal Abiden did is most disgusting and deserves public odium and contempt. 

Anwar, innocent or guilty, he should have exercised better discretion, stay away from him.He is only creating doubts in people's minds that he may have been double-dealing.

Even more contemptible is the exuberance expressed by Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan leaders of this imprudence. A distasteful windfall they proudly say advantageous to Anwar, if that would be at best, an aptitude test for the former solicitor-general who had proved himself a poor and failed public prosecutor. 

Hypothetically, what do you make of a former judge or public prosecutor who become friend with a murderer whom they failed to send to prison or the gallows, not because he is innocent, but because of the prosecutor's shoddy work? 

Going by the many episodes of unconscionable politicians jumping from one riverbank to another, slamming and discrediting their former party, Malaysia's moral ground is fast slipping into the slimy gutter.....the increasing population of slimy people-pleaser.

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Purple Haze said...

The down slope for Malaysia started in Tun Dr M's time.

You only have to recall the cosy relationship that was proven in the RCI between Datuk VK Lingam and certain judges.

Todate, of course, nothing has been done to bring the wrong doers to court.

I don't agree with your view that the former Solicitor General's actions were disgusting. If you are objective, could you not consider that perhaps the Solicitor General was aware of a conspiracy to bag AI and thus, trying to correct a wrong ? One side of the fence will say that it is a noble act. (Of course, the other side will say what you have aalready written !)

We don't know what transpired between the AG and the SG in the past but obviously, something must have been terribly wrong for the former SG to accept a place on the defence team against his former employer.

Perhaps he is trying to create a new career post-retirement and this is a high profile case to launch it ? I certainly don't think he will get paid a lot of money for being on this particular case, though.

Ismail N said...

A person has the right to change his/her mind. But there are consequences for every action taken. The perks must be really good - why else would he do it? Only he knows.

Raphael said...

Totally agree with you Sir,, To me, it is either political paid move or the ex Guy is more money minded and brainless to make such a move.

Never anyone, maybe except Karpal did the same.

Anonymous said...

If you failed to be a hero there is nothing wrong to become a crook. A hero always with a principle but a crook always with anything can attitude.

SM said...

Bro HL,

In this case, I totally agree with you!
But then again, as I've always said, the QUALITY of our Government Servants leave much to be desired. With the Brain Drain a very real issue & with the Government continuing to pursue a Race-based policy, it can only get worse.
Everyday I hear of Malaysians successfully getting their PRs in countries like Canada, US & Australia. Every other day I hear of some "Malaysian-born" person achieving great heights in these countries. Our Media are quick to highlight these achievements BUT they fail to high-light that these "Malaysian-born" personalities are achieving these heights for their adopted countries NOT for Malaysia.
Where is our beloved country going?!