Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Has Najib Gone Soft, Lost His Balls?

Hantu Laut

There is sufficient evidence to charge Anwar Ibrahim and Amiga of attempt to overthrow a legally elected government by organising a violent civil unrest under the pretext of a peaceful assembly.

I am a believer of civil liberties and the right to freedom of expression but when such freedom transcended the boundary of acceptable behaviour, the authority should respond with same severity.

Looking at hindsight, at the way Mahathir administered this country during his tenure as prime minister, I am beginning to see why he had to use authoritative measures to run the county. Malaysians are just not ready for too much freedom, they are not able to handle it. They are weak, lazy thinkers and easily influenced by others. 

Malaysians, basically,  have herd instincts which is what Anwar is capitalising on. 

Orang Melayu kata "Seperti kerbau dicucuk hidung" 

When the video showing Bersih protesters turning violent against the police, attacking and overturning police car,  the "lembus" still refused to believe and said the police staged the whole thing.

How do you deal with stupid people like this? 

Amiga says she was in full control of the crowd which she puts at 250,000.

See, how smart this half-past-six lawyer is, she can, not only see, but control 250,000 people from a moving truck which is at most 6 feet above the ground.Guess, how far she can see. Unless she has stereoscopic eyes of the chameleon and high up in the tree, she is a bloody liar.

She lied again when she said act of violence happened after the police fired teargases at the crowd, when all reports suggested the police reacted only after the crowd tried to breakdown the barrier, instigated by Anwar Ibrahim and Azmin Ali.

She never mentioned that the police car that crashed was under attack by Bersih protesters.Watch the video below and see for yourself the violent nature of some of the protesters.

The woman is a bloody liar.

Listen to her lies, the fabrication, the discrepancies and make your own conclusion. 

Prime Minister Najib has gone soft, he lost his balls, worrying too much about public opinion, which, anyway, are mostly opposition's opinion.

He must understand that not all what happened in KL blanketed the whole nation, there are still strong supports for the BN in many other areas.

He is even scared to ask the police to arrest law breakers, just to be in the good book of the people.

He should realise by now that majority of suburbia and urbanised West Malaysians showed no appreciation of his efforts to bring reforms to the nation. They want the incorruptable ??? Anwar to be prime minister.

There is sufficient evidence to charge Anwar and Amiga for inciting civil unrest.Do it before they can do more harm and bring anarchy to this country and a repeat of the dreaded May 13.

Do not underestimate Anwar, he is capable of doing it. He knew Pakatan can never takeover Putrajaya in a free and fair elections and he would never be prime minister.A "Malaysian Spring" looked like the only option he has to be able to reach Putrajaya.

BERSIH 4 may already be in the offing but the "fung shui" master (DAP) may have advised them against it. 

The Chinese believe 4 or "sie"  means death.So, the next one could be named BERSIH 3A or BERSIH 5.


Anonymous said...

The next Bersih will be Bersih 4.0. It means the death of BN and UMNO.

Purple Haze said...

Please watch this video about that police car that was overturned. This video shows what happened BEFORE it was overturned.


Since it is your blog, it is your prerogative to highlight it to provide some balance.

Anonymous said...


The woman's attitude is sickening! They are the most racist group in West Maslaysia but they have successfully painted a picture that the Malays are rasict. They are now pitting the Malays against the Malays. Sadly, with Anwar it is working.

Anonymous said...

Demonstrators as Lembu who r easily misled?

you mean the same rakyat who is lembus so easily misled by this Barisan Najis govt is it?.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear! The modern LEMBU's who know how to be uniformed in yellow. They were in herds and once bapak lembu gave intruction to 'masuk' all the cattle were herded to the restricted area.

The PANDI achi thought she can manage the herds but all the lembu with their herd instinct were uncontrollable. This time the PANDI was not smart as written in the Animal Farm.

The Majlis Bandaraya is having hard times to clean all the rubbish left by BERSIH!!! Suggest that no entry signage for lembu to be fitted in the city area to avoid future destruction by lembus.

Anonymous said...

If Mahathir kept up with his authoritarian ways, he would have been kicked out together with BN/Umno in 2004. Thats why he stepped down and let Badawi take over.

Then Badawi did not go ahead with his reforms. And Najib only pretend n pura2 with his reforms.

Thats why we saw over 100k people on the street last Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Singapore Strait's Times reported the crowd was about 25,000. PANDI achi and Bapak Lembu claimed it was 250,000 cattle. Maybe Pandi achi, Bapak Lembu and the rest of the herds all have a pair of compound eyes.

Bloody fools thought people with brain can be easily fooled. Maybe the white hair granny hippies can...Anyway do you know what is called bias report.

Anonymous said...

Bersih 3.0 nie utk apa sebenarnya??nak bersihkan pilihanraya yg di kata kan kotor kan....version Ambiiga. pakai thesis sorang researcher/group MERAPu.....cuba counter this...

mat syabu said...

100k anon?? my asss

Anonymous said...

for every Bersih lembu, there is 10 people silence citizen who are sick and tired of this whole bersih shit. lets bersihkan BErsih and throw ambiga and anwar to where they belong.

Purple Haze said...

Anon May 2 2.50 AM

Could it be that the silent majority that you refer to is actually the Bersih folks?

Remember, Bersih was nothing pre-2008.