Monday, May 7, 2012

Pakatan's Slam-Bang Politics

Hantu Laut

If you think voting Pakatan Rakyat and making them your next government for you to enjoy greater freedom, democracy and absolute rule of law, you better think again. Cause, it's not going to happen!

Pakatan Rakyat with Anwar Ibrahim at the helm have already shown signs of becoming totalitarian.They do not tolerate differences of opinion. Tunku Abdul Aziz, for speaking out loud, the truth, stuck a stick in Lim Guan Eng's throat that got him a serious rebuke from Guan Eng and other DAP leaders, some even asking him to be sacked from the party. 

Here, DAP disciplinary board wants Aziz to confirm whether he has repeated his public criticism so they can take action against him. This is democracy, Pakatan style.

Anwar Ibrahim knew, in a free and fair elections, Pakatan won't be able to capture Putrajaya through the ballot boxes, hence, his desperate gestures on 28 April 2012,  to try cause civil unrest, hoping it would get out of hand and force the government out of office. Former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohammad was not wrong when he said Bersih's whole motive was to bring down the government ala the "Arab Spring".

I believe Amiga, the prime mover of Bersih, is not as innocent as she claimed to be.She knew, with hundreds of thousands of protesters,  the high risk and danger of things going out of control and the dangerous ripple effect if the authority was not able to contain it. Amiga played into Anwar's hand, knowingly or unknowingly. It is imperative that the police investigate Amiga. She must not be allowed to go scot-free for the damage done to people and properties caused by her high-handedness and adamant refusal to using alternative venue offered by the government. Her speeches and body language stinks of political agenda.

There have been many cases of Pakatan leaders authoritarian rule and abuse of power. The most telling is the ban of certain media from attending the oppositions press conference. Lim Guan Eng has a veracity of character, he has kicked out Utusan reporter from his press conference, barred NSTP group, Utusan Malaysia, Bernama, and TV3 from his press conference. Read here.

Guan Eng is a lucky man, in Malaysia the media are still very kind to nasty politicians, try the West, he would be fed to the hyenas, his character and reputation torn to shreds. Malaysia's mainstream media reporters do not have mean streak in them, it only manifested when they joined the unregulated alternative media and become verbally nauseating. You get the best of yellow journalism and hog-wash news the likes of Malaysian Insider (my favourite), Free Malaysia Today, Malaysia Chronicle and few others.

Malaysia Today has bought some very comprehensive insurance, drawing its contents from both pro-oppositions and pro-government blogs.Petra's own articles are now less abusive of the government. 

Pro-opposition bloggers, a fine kettle of fish, the worst of the worse, self-aggrandising, have zero tolerance for differences of opinion.If you write anything against Pakatan or its leaders and you happened to be on their blogroll, they couldn't see the bigger picture, they just bump you off their blogroll and proudly announced that they have bigger traffic to their site and you a measly mice not worthy of mention must go. At least two pro-opposition bloggers (not mentioning any names) have struck my blog off their blogroll.

Anyway, who gives the shit about this kind insecured and churlish behaviour.

Politics should not be taken with a bitter pill, turning friends into foes and demonising those not in agreement with you, which only goes to show your incapacitated mind and parochiality.

We have seen how hostile protesters attacked policemen and overturned police car, but as usual, demonising the police, true of false, is a must thing with Pakatan leaders.

Last but not least, politicians should learn to count the days, when their days are up, to throw in the towel and give the younger blood a chance.

People like Tengku Razaleigh should join Pakatan Rakyat. Only than, maybe, he can fulfill his dream of becoming the prime minister. 

You see, who is more democratic, DAP, PKR, PAS or UMNO? In spite of his constant disagreement with his party policies, Razaleigh was never threatened with dismissal from the party.


Anonymous said...

So Tunku Abd Aziz will be the DAP version similar to Dr Hassan of PAS.

Anonymous said...

After 54 years, the writer only understands BN's freedom.


Anonymous said...

I'm now in Vung Tau an oil town in Vietnam. I travel around mostly to those country with oil reserves. I observed that Malaysia is making good developments, freedoms and stability which other developing countries are lacking even to some with an oil reserves many times of what M'sia has. Even 1st world country like Singapore has to controls freedom more cautious than M'sia. So don't laugh as laughing make your eyes more smaller. Open your eyes and observe so you don't make bias comments which it is obviously laughable. Pardon me, allow me to laugh also..Wakakakak lu