Thursday, May 3, 2012

Saving Nayati: The Power Of Social Media

Hantu Laut

It has shrunk the globe to the size of a tennis ball, connected people globally, brought down governments, scare the shit out of wayward politicians and last but not least save lives.

The power of social network has become the biggest seller of all times.Companies that invested early to harness the power of social media reported return of as high as 25:1.

Your business market just a step away.The world is your oyster.

The power of social network has come to rule the world.

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Politicians beware! A powerful weapon.It can make or break you.

Thanks to its power, a little innocent boy was saved from the clutches of evil.He could have been sold to vice or sold to infertile couple, worst he could have ended up dead.

Others have not been so lucky.

Malaysia have seen the rising number of child abductions and most of them were never found or ended dead in the hands of very sick people ( may they rot in hell).

I am so happy for the family of Nayati Shamelin Moodliar who was returned to his distressed parents after being abducted by unknown sickos.

Thanks to Almighty God for his divine intervention and bigger thanks to social media for its power to spread the message far into the vastness of its sphere of influence.


de engineur said...

Thank God. So relieved to know the boy is back united with his family.

Anonymous said...

Thank God indeed for His mercy.

Thanks too to the Police for doing a great job here. Honour and gratefulness is to be shown when it is due.


Purple Haze said...

Great to hear that this 12 yr old has been returned to his family.

I'm sure that we will find out more details in the ensuing days to come.