Saturday, August 18, 2012

Anwar's Google Hangout - Dismal !

Hantu Laut

Google Hangout with Anwar Ibrahim was a big disappointment. He talked a lot but eluded answering most of the questions he deemed politically delicate.

All he did was "hantam" (attack) UMNO. In fact, the whole "borak" was geared to attack UMNO.

A question by one netizen on whether Pakatan Rakyat is going to downsize the civil service was never answered, instead, he eluded and went on a fault finding mission of the BN government. 

The panelists lacked forcefulness.

Watch the video carefully and make your own conclusion.


Anonymous said...

No thanks, i'm not going to spare 1hr of my life watching the vid. I'll take your word for it that it was dismal. Dah tentu punya. Pusing sini, pusing sana, tang tu juga.

(a frequent visitor)

Anonymous said...

I wanted to see how he would perform, but Anwar's answers is much worse the LGE's debate with CSL, and i thought that was horrible in the first place. I know that Anwar is real smooth with his tongue, but his answers just made me sick. And yes, just hanged out for a few moment.

Alberto said...

Too true Anon 11:35 PM.
Its wierd for me as each time the PM wannabe talk he is yet to convice me.

Which begs the question of where does he gets his 'great orator' tag from? Or is all you need to do is spout lies or use big word with no content will surfice?

shatiri mansor said...

..ok ler ..

shatiri mansor said...

...well not bad...!!!

Anonymous said...

...WELL ...NOT BAD ...!!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Issues raised like corruption, housing, wages, car duties, transportation, education, royalties, are valid. Very enlightening.