Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Rentier Leeches

Hantu Laut

Last night my wife told me how someone at a "buka puasa" she was invited to rambling away about corruptions in Malaysia, how corrupt the BN government is, how bad the government is and how Sabah was shortchanged by the Federal government. 

The usual ranting of those who rely on herd instinct instead of their own evaluations.

There are those who have from day one rode the gravy train and made tens/hundreds of millions as rentier leeches yet vehemently complained how bad their once good government was when they are no more getting what they want. 

These bunch of people think they have God given rights to plunder the nation until their last breath.

As the incumbent host appeared weaker the political leech will look for new host to continue sucking blood to nurse back its already weakening body.

Yes! We all agree there is much corruptions in Malaysia, that much is true, but Malaysia is not alone.There are corruptions everywhere, not that we should condone it, but that's the reality. As long as there are strong economic activities corruptions will be there. 

There are massive corruptions in China,  US and other countries that have gone undetected because of clever cover-ups. 

Power attract the corruptible, the corruptible attracted to power.

If you think for one moment Pakatan Rakyat government is going to clean up corruptions, you need an IQ test. 

See who is collecting all the throwaways!

The man much defended by America and the West and one who portrays himself as honest to goodness politician. An anti-corruption messiah.A man full of contradictions offering candies  to the very people he despised, the venal politicians of BN.

If you think America is squeaky clean, read on.


Raytheon should fix this for free. There is NO EXCUSE for this failure. I could built a perimeter system for less than a million that at least would have worked. How do these fools think $100 Million for a perimeter security system is justified? There is now way to defend this waste of money. The military base in Yuma, AZ that monitors almost 100 miles of border costs less than $4 million, and has thermal tracking ability with software to automate the treat identification. How could they spend $100 million and still not even have a working system? There had to have been lots of graft in this deal. This system is controlled by the union run port authority, and I would bet that several million went straight into someones pocket at the port authority. They are one of the most corrupt unions on the planet.
Why doesn't Homeland Security run this stuff? Not that Napalitano could do any better, but isn't airport security one of their primary responsibilities? It sounds like this deal needs to be audited at least. Can someone in Congress get to the bottom of this Raytheon robbery please! As a defense contractor they should be shut down until this is cleared up at least. If they can't build a basic security system at a reasonable price then everything they do is suspect.

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Anonymous said...

Its funny that just a week before Anwar was sacked he was full of praises for the BN government. But immediately after he was given the boot he went round the country calling for 'reformasi' So as to say the government suddenly turned bad within a week.

And there are many foolish people, more stupid than donkeys, who believe him.

Anonymous said...

Agree. Dont for a moment think that the pakatan bunch will be interested in wiping out corruption. What they really want is the pie. The whole pie. Dont give me this bullshit about justice, fairness or equality. We already have all that. It is all about $$$. Look at Selangor. Not even a term completed. Duit university pun nak sapu. Tapi ada juga si bodoh nak ikut pakatan. Orang ikut pakatan sebab 1 dari dua perkara: tak dapat naik pangkat atau tak dapat project. Tak ada lain sebab.

Anonymous said...

True there is corruption everywhere. But we are Malay Moslems we are better, we are the ones to show the world the way.

Americans are not Moslems so no contest there.

But the American are better at NOT indulging in corrupt practices and their law come down hard on corruptness.

Moslems, Malay Moslems, has shown themselves to be the world's greatest corrupter. We have UMNO the biggest Moslem Political Party in the world and the MOST CORRUPT, without a doubt.

So where do we go from here? Malays, contaminated by the like of UMNO have become the pariah of Malaysia, whether they realise it or not.

What will happen to Malaysia? We once had so many good things going for us.

There are no good Malaysian left, no good Malays left.

I am as lost as you are.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:32

No good malays left? What about you? Dont get carried away by unfounded news. Read the above article one more time. Till doomsday there will always be the good, the bad and the ugly. This is no Shangri La.

Anonymous said...

anon 4:45

tak dapat project? project dengan anwarlah

Anonymous said...

No good Malays left for politics. Read the article one more time.They have left Malaysia for other climes and the once left behind are too meek to take on the powers that be or are maligned and sidelined.Malaysia was once a budding Shangri-La. Where were you then? No good Malays left for Malaysia. No longer a Shangri-La, Lah.

Anonymous said...

First off, I'm non-partisan Malaysian of ethnic Chinese descent. So there you go, I fully admit that I identify myself as a Malaysian, not as a Chinese.

I personally don't really care about which party administers the country. All I ask is that there be a greater degree of accountability among party members. They've been tasked with being administrators for the country, so please do so.

If BN are capable, competent administrators and most importantly, look out for the welfare of all Malaysians, then they have my vote. If not, I'll vote someone else in. It's that simple.

If PKR currently represents the lesser of the two evils, then they have my vote. If anything, voting for them will be a protest vote to voice discontent to BN. In short, a protest vote can be interpreted as "Buck up, BN. Do your job right."

If PKR wins the next election but are as equally incompetent, then we'll vote them out in the following GE. It's that simple.

The key thing is to remind BN, PKR,...etc that we, the rakyat, are their boss. They serve us, not the other way around. That's all that matters.