Friday, November 16, 2012

A West Malaysian Dilemma !

Hantu Laut

In Sabah you don't mess around with these ex-mundus (pirates), they can make your life hang in the balance, or worst case scenario, you are dead meat. Their hearts can be solidified in hatred and revenge.

Two West Malaysians have been abducted by unknown armed group near Lahad Datu, Sabah. Police is still investigating the case.

Abusers, rapists and abductors, do they share the same predicament ?

In West Malaysia reported maid abuse may be just tip of the iceberg, there may be many unreported cases. 

Recent case of an employer raping his 15-year old maid with active participation and consent of his wife is shocking. Even more shocking the abuse seem to transcend not one ethnic group but covers all the ethnic groups in West Malaysia. Here, a 26-year old Indian girl claimed she was raped and abused by her employer for over a year. Here, a Cambodian maid claimed she was physically abused and not given food to eat for days.

Maid abuse and rape of female migrant workers had given Malaysia a bad name. Even the arm of the law, our police, has brought disrepute to the police force and disgrace to the nation for alleged gang-rape of an Indonesian girl in their custody. 

Almost all cases of maid abuse occurred in West Malaysia. Sabah and Sarawak seemed to have been spared this phenomenom, a social disorder that requires some medical investigation.

There have been talks of allowing Malaysian to employ French maids to work in the country. Hahaha! how nice, for a change, to have the whites as your servant and not your master.

It is rumoured that the abduction of the two West Malaysians was by disgruntled ex-employees not paid their salaries. How true is hard to tell. Only after thorough police probe we may get to know the truth, or not know at all.

Sabah porous border is haven for criminals crossing between Sabah and the Philippines.

The gist of the story, never owe your workers salary, be abusive, or delay payment. They are as much human as you are and should be treated humanely, and don't rule out the power to strike back at you, over what you think is a meagre sum but a mountain to these poor souls. 

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