Monday, January 7, 2013

Editor Not Worth His Salt, Empty As The Vessels

Hantu Laut

Most citizens of high rectitude would not condone corruptions. 

Any talk against corruptions by the oppositions, I'll take with a pinch of salt. Never trust Greeks bearing gifts, which the Trojans paid for dearly. 

As they say "hypocrisy is homage that vice pays to virtue". 

Something is rotten in the Pakatan states. They also catch small fish to hoodwink the people that they tolerate no corruption. A false portrayal of zero tolerance for corruptions.

It does not matter if it was RM1.00 or RM1.0 million, corruption is corruption, as reprehensible as it can be, it can't be eradicated completely. Even in squeaky clean Singapore there is corruption.

Pakatan anti-corruption slogan to fish for votes is nothing more than typical salesman's baloney,  a deceptive talk, as empty as the vessels.

This ass of an editor can't tell the difference between real corruption and institutionalised affirmative action, just another deceptive writing to hoodwink the public.

A short excerpt from his editorial below:

So, while it is refreshing and laudatory to see mainstream newspapers reporting the Penang case that involves a civil servant and a political aide, questions remain why the local media is silent on the RM100 million National Defence Education Centre (Puspahanas).
Read more here.

There is a world of difference between the two, while one is real corruption the other is an extension of legitimate government policy.

Failure to build the project is breach of contract and has nothing to do with corruption as he made it out to be. 

As long as the covenant is still alive and there is no legal impediment against sale, transfer or disposal of the project/land to another party, the recipient has not broken any law. 

There are laws to take care of such breach, or criminal action, if there was such misdeed.

You can call it cronyism or institutionalised and legalised corruption, but it is legal and government can choose who they want to give the project to, with or without track record..

If given to Syed Mokhtar Al-bukhary the oppositions also make noise, say give him to much and that he may go bust and break all the banks in the country, give to Malay without track record also make noise. 

Make up your mind mate! You want the pie or the cake?

If you need track record than no Malays can ever be in business.

This is Malaysia lah! Not U.S, Britain, France or Germany, we have our own government policy. 

My two cents worth of salt!

Is he worth his salt, or eating the opposition's salt?


Anonymous said...

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chicken shit penulis sundal with no iota of self respect

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Anonymous said...

In Indonesia one partcular community population is less than 10% but they control more than 90% of the country economy. Property, commodity, wholesale and retail businesses are belong to them. Beware of this greedy creature. Maybe until we become beggars then we can learn a lesson.