Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad's "biggest nightmare" is to have PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim become the prime minister, charged the latter.
NONESpeaking to reporters in Kuching yesterday, Anwar said Mahathir's primary concern is that a new government would affect his son's contracts with petroleum companies.
“His biggest nightmare is that I will take over the government. He is worried about his legacy and his son’s oil-based company.

“We are talking about oil royalty. We are talking about Sabah and Sarawak to have their own petroleum companies which must control at least 30 percent of petroleum production,” he said.
Anwar said this when asked to respond to Mahathir's oft-repeated claim that Pakatan Rakyat should not be given even a term in Putrajaya.
Mix of oil and beer
He claimed that one of Mahathir's sons controls a company which receives many contracts from Petronas
“Therefore, he is very worried because this involves billions of ringgit. Moreover, he is the advisor to Petronas, and if we take over, he will not be the advisor and there will be no monopoly of contracts awarded to his son.

NONE“He is worried about his other son who has acquired (Manila-based beer brewer) San Miguel for RM2.9 billion. You have to explain how come you are able to make so much money.

“How come, as a Muslim leader, you control San Miguel?” said Anwar.

When Pakatan forms the next federal government, the PKR leader assured that the Pakatan government would not disturb him for what he has done in the past.

“I want to assure Mahathir and Malaysians that I have no malice against anyone. It is not my interest to go against anyone. My interest is to make sure that we are able to govern this country justly and fairly.”
'Too much emnity'
Advising Mahathir to retire gracefully, he said: “Mahathir should not show so much enmity and viciousness towards individuals. It is not wise for him to do so.

“I not only wish him well, but would like to also offer a small advice that he should be more tactful, for example, accusing me that if I become prime minister, I will sell this country to the Chinese.

“Certainly, this is not a wise thing to say,” Anwar added, pointing out that Mahathir’s views are obsolete.

“With due respect to Mahathir, he represents the old school, and some of his views are really obsolete,” said Anwar.

The writer, who uses a pseudonym, is based in Sarawak.