Friday, January 18, 2013

Sabah RCI:Boon For Crooks, Liars and Honest Injuns

Hantu Laut 

Reported in the Daily Express 17 January 2013

NRD Deputy Director Nik Norashikin Nik Mansur said 66,682 people in Sabah received Malaysian citizenship between 1964 to October 2012.

She added that 38,000 were from Malaysia, 13,000 from China, 7,000 from Indonesia, while the rest were from the Philippines, Hong Kong and other countries. Those from Malaysia were born in Malaysia.

Those from China was a bit of a surprise. My British friend who had stayed in this country for almost three decades applied for permanent residence a number of times but to no avail.He passed away some five years ago and became permanent resident in Sabah, as dead as a doornail.

If what the opposition say about the government unlawful exercise to increase Muslim population is true, it seems absurd that the government also give to non-Muslim nationals from other countries. 

Many countries give citizenship to immigrants who meet the requirement and abide by the law of the land. Knowing how to speak the local language is a must before citizenship is accorded to the person concerned. Many of the immigrants who had stayed here a few decades can speak better Malay than many local Chinese and Indians that have been here a few generations. Even those from China who have been here just a few years speak better Bahasa than some Malaysian Chinese.

Malaysia also hosted the highest number of Chinese nationals compared to other nationals in its "Malaysia My Second Home" program and surprisingly some have pick up the language faster than some local Chinese. 

I was amazed by a Chinese girl from China who was selling some Chinese goods at Wisma Merdeka a while back. She spoke fluent Bahasa Melayu, addressing her customers as abang, pakchik, kakak and so forth. I suppose one have to make an effort when it comes to survival.

As Mahathir said there is nothing wrong in giving immigrants citizenship as long as they meet the requirement. The U.S and many European countries give out citizenship every year to qualified immigrants.

It was also reported that some 128,000 dubious ICs was issued over a period, but after government investigation a total of 91,656 were found to be fake and had been cancelled. Actions had been taken against some NRD officers including invoking the ISA on them for selling ICs to illegal immigrants. 

Obviously, these rouge officers, either were making use of government apparatus to do illicit business or taking instructions from their superiors to do the malfeasance to diddle Sabahans of their democratic rights.

Some good are coming out of the RCI and PM Najib should be lauded for his effort to find out the truth.

The RCI is getting exciting each day and a boon for crooks, liars, opportunists and honest-to-goodness witnesses sharing the limelight of the unconscionable blame game.

I hope those involved in falsifying and issuing of ICs and tempering with the electoral rolls would be severely punished, irrespective of their positions, be they ministers, NRD officers or EC officers. 

The skewed and lopsided pro-opposition news portal and blogs as usual only reported the negatives outcome and censored anything positive of the government.


Y1 said...

It is too early to point fingers as the RCI's call for witnesses has only just begun. I am not even sure what is the term of reference for this RCI is.
What is disturbing though is that temporary receipts were given by the NRD during the eve of the 1994 election whereby UMNO first came into Sabah and the downfall of PBS was precipitated by the wafer thin result.
Even the most unbiased will see the connection between the granting of citizenship for elections purposes is somehow implicated. If found to be true, whether the process is legal or not, it is voter gerrymandering at the least of its sins. Treason to and displacing the KDM people's rights is the ultimate betrayal by the politicians in power at the time.

SM said...


As for granting citizenship, well, there are thousands of Indians born in Malaysia who still can't get Citizenship.
You can spin all you like, these Sabah illegals were given Citizenship to ensure that they voted for the Barisan. Oh by the way, what happened to Anwar being the culprit in all this?
I'm thinking Najib allowed the RCI so that he could get rid of Mahatir (I can't believe that he didn't know what would come out of all the questioning!). Ooops! Wrong move!
Mahatir can't be touched no matter what he does.
Mahatir (& son) & Muhyiddin are waiting in the sidelines to finish off Najib.
The old man has already started his spinning in the Media!

Anonymous said...

Who is this at 2:54? dont talk rubbish. obviously you know anything but choose to comment like a silly fool.

Gram Kong said...

To you all are spins unless it come from Anwar and Pakatan.You know in the West where people have higher moral standing Anwar with his past history in Umno would have been sent to the dustbin of history, but here you guys want to make him prime minister.

Anonymous said...

The downfall of PBS was "precipitated by the wafer thin result": election results or the kataks lompat from PBS engineered by Anwar Ibrahim that led to the downfall?

History is littered with false preumptions, ignorance or mere manipulation of facts. Let not this happen to the history of our country lest we feed poison to the coming generations.

Anonymous said...

They want to make the King of liars to be the prime minister? His spy in Bank Islam came to S'pore and told all the lies there. By hook or by crook they want this traitor to be prime minister. Can we spare our votes for him?

Anonymous said...

The next General Elections will be the ultimate battle between the Malaysian Nationalists of runaway successful Malaysia and Lee Kuan Yew of runaway failure of Singapore

Purple Haze said...

I think the pertinent question is how long applicants from the 60s and 70s took to get citizenship compared to those in Sabah in the 90s till now.

Could prove to be a telling statistic.