Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Chickens Had Come Home To Roost NIAMAH!

Hantu Laut

Patrick Teoh in hot water over Facebook post. Read here.

The chickens had come home to roost. This is the arrogant guy who used to insult his listeners over Radio 4 over what he surmised as their poor English, as though he is a top Queen's scholar and speaks perfect Queen's English, when the fact is, he is nothing more than just a good voice. His literacy is limited to profanities, imprecations and insults.

I have stopped reading his blog couple of years now as I feel the man is suffering from delusion of grandeur, a racist and narcissist of the highest order. His writings is a reflection of his grandiose self-conceit. 

Well, Mr Teo as you should know "give a fool enough rope and he will hang himself." Your 'day of reckoning' has arrived. NIAMAH!


Freddie Kevin said...


What goes around comes around.



Anonymous said...

Padan muka this Patrick Teoh - overrated. Boycott all his shows and stop using him as emcee or anything.Disgusting ingrate.

Anonymous said...

A short guy with a tall ego, rattle him enough and his acquired "class" evaporates ... much like his coolie kang forefathers

Anonymous said...

Yep, the chickens have come home to roost in Sabah now. Sybas Tun Mahathir!

Anonymous said...

that is because you jealous la. niamah got 6 million hits, you only 1 million plus.

if Pr lose, they sure accept defeat quietly. BUT if Bn lose they sure riot and fight the citizens, downright born losers who cannot face defeat.