Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Color Of Revolution and Communism, Malaysian Bloody New Flag!

Hantu Laut

What's wrong with the current Malaysian flag that Pakatan Rakyat is determined to change? Is Malaysia going through a bloody revolution and they wanted to remove all traces of the old regime?

The self-explanatory banner below depicts the end of the Malaysian flag,  to be replaced by a new communistic looking flag.

Red is the color of communism. From Eastern Europe to China, Vietnam, North Korea and to Cuba, red has always been associated with revolution, socialism and communism.

It was the colour of the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917  and of the Chinese Revolution in 1949, and later of the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

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The Color Red - Communism 



North Korea


Purple Haze said...

This might seem irreverent but since this posting is about colour, it is interesting to note that Cardiff City FC (nicknamed the "Bluebirds") changed their away strip to RED.

Fans were aghast that their team were adorned in RED and showed defiance to their new owner - Tan Sri Vincent Tan.

However, midway through the English football season, the Bluebirds, whether wearing their traditional blue or away strip in RED are top of the Champinship table by 7 points and seemed destined to be promoted to the EPL.

Its not the colour that matters, even if RED is the colour of good luck for the Chinese.

Having said that, I see no reason why we should change the Malaysian flag in any manner. And even if we did, lets not associate red with communism too much. I'm sure there are many Welsh football fans who now think that red is "alright, mate!" and nothing to do with communism.

Anonymous said...

They want change in 2008.We did give them some token of change,but after nearly 5 years what changed they had done the states that they governed.All kind of problem emerged especially Sgor,with water,rubbish,quit rents and so on.Now they want to change our national flag.Are they lunatics or morons.Fence sitters will punish them this time around.Mark my words,once bitten twice shy.

Anonymous said...

It is too much.. Flag are not toilet paper that they can do as what they like.

Y1 said...


Is not UMNO's colour red?

Why jump into conclusion it is the work of PR?