Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Najib, Listen, Listen, Listen !

Hantu Laut

 A competent leader can get efficient service from poor troops, while on the contrary an incapable leader can demoralize the best of troops.  John Joseph Pershing

Pershing was an American General who was promoted to the highest rank ever held in the U.S Army, General of the Armies. The other American awarded this highest rank was George Washington.

John Pershing had seen many theatres of war. He led the American Expeditionary Force in World War I and many other wars involving the U.S. He was involved in the Philippine-American War and saw action in the battle against the Philippine and was cited for bravery for actions against the Moros on the Cagayan river in the Philippines.

This what he said of the Moros  "The Moro is not at all over-awed or impressed by an overwhelming force. If he takes a notion to fight, it is regardless of the number of men he thinks are to be brought against him. You cannot bluff him"

Sabahans are watching closely the nightmare unfolding before their very eyes, a very sad state of affair happening in our once very peaceful state, non of our doings and beyond our control.

Security of the state is the responsibility of the Federal government and you as Commander-In-Chief is fully responsible for the safety and protection of our state and the people.

It is easier to say that we should support the government efforts to resolve the problem and should not make any injurious statement against the government's efforts but needless to say your efforts seemed to bear no fruits. After almost a month your armed forces have shown nothing but screw-ups. We see gross incompetence in the top brass of your police, the military and your ministers. They all have their heads in the cloud.

You have sent 3 or more battalions of soldiers plus police force, air force and naval force to fight a ragtag army of less than 100 rudimentary armed fighters and yet could not find, neutralise, or eliminate them. How many more battalions you need to send over there to end this embarrassing state of affair. They have shamed this country defences to the outside world.

What would it be if there were to be full scale war declared on us?

It is almost a month now and the danger of the armed struggle by the Suluk people exploding into unimaginable nightmare for Sabahans is haunting us ever day. 

It is now like the Sword Of Damocles hanging over our heads, which have caused panic among the local population.

It is almost impossible to buy bag of rice and other essential food items from anywhere as they have all disappeared because of panic buying. The situation is going to get worse if the problem is not resolved soonest possible. 

Your ministers, IGP and God's know what other incompetents that surrounds you keep telling us Sabahans everything is under control but we see otherwise.They can't even handle this pesky band of fire ants.

I am not a military genius but I can't see any viable military strategy being employed to arrest the problem other than chasing this elusive band of guerrillas that have made mockery of our capability to defend this country.

I have made many suggestions in my previous posts what your security force should do and not do, but none seem to have seen the light of day, not that I expect anyone of them to read this blog. It's just simple common sense that one who knows Sabah well would have done what should have been done.

It is also surprising to me that they have not announce the total ban of the use of pump boats and jongkongs in the waters of Sabah eastern corridor, which should make policing the waters easier and safer for our naval forces. Ban all movement of  such crafts and shoot to destroy any unauthorised movement on these waters.

If any politicians complained that the ban will inconvenient the people shoot them too.


Anonymous said...

It is obvious that you are very worried. But making uninformed judgements will appear to be unsupportive of the nation's security personnel.

On TV I saw these personnel laying sandblocks and they were wearing bulletproof vests which you carelessly accused them of ignoring - in your previous post.

"I am not a military genius" Yeah stay that way and refrain from making baseless accusations.

vinnan said...

Anon March 6, 2013 at 1:30 PM, Read between the lines lah. This hantu guy is afraid of the Filipino fifth column in the towns and cities of Sabah. Our army was never trained for urban warfare. In other words the Malaysian security forces are in for a very terrible time in Sabah.

SM said...

Anonymous 1:30pm,

You are commenting based on TV?! HL is commenting based on 1st hand evidence.


I really feel sorry for our Sabahan brothers. I can only imagine what it must be like. I was 7 years old during the May 13th Riots & we were staying at the Pekililing Flats in KL (just next to the infamous Chow Kit Road) & all I remember is how scared my Parents were & the FRU walking the streets in front of the Flats during curfew (& of course the horror stories).
I can understand Najib wanting to negotiate to avoid blood shed. But negotiations were going on for weeks & then the initial murder of our 2 Police Personnel & we were still negotiating!
He should have sent in the Troops immediately instead of wasting more time & giving these Shitheads the chance to plan further.
Then he comes out on National TV crying (what a Sandiwara) with emotion on how he had to use force to defend our Nation against invaders!
All the while he has been going around Peninsular Malaysia playing Politics (he should have been in Sabah).
What a disgrace & disaster & now after all that bombing, we can't find any bodies?! With the amount of Filipinos who have Blue ICs in Sabah, can you imagine how easy it is for these Shitheads to disappear into the Sabah Urban Jungle (I guess you can or you would not have written this article!)?!

Anonymous said...

vinnan pariah

nobody respect your twisted views

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Silence alone doesnt mean nothing is done. Security also warrants strategic thinking and that includes chosing sensitive information for public consumption. They are on the field. Only they know the real situation and how to deal with it, for our sake. We cant join them on the frontline, but our prayers will be with them.


Anonymous said...

Remember the mighty US army was handicapped by poor equiped Vietcong. It was also embarrasing to US as the capter was well written in the history as one of famous war. It is easy to say but for those people at war front it is not only their lives to care but more important the civilian lives too. BTW is there any fatality among the PDRM or Army that bears the name Ah Kau or Maniam?? Talk politic so loud but come to defending the country from enermy we do the job for you. Yet you dare to comment?

Anonymous said...

A battle is not fought at the front only. It is the obligation of the government to demonstrate to the Suluks as well as the international community that diplomacy has been employed before drastic action. This is to gain alliances and is very significant to win the war.

Sending in the army and the police is to capture or kill those terrorist and not letting them kill our forces is a matter of facts. We do value our people lives, as such a hasty reaction is not wise, but a caution and care full approach is. We have to be watchful for mines and bobby traps as those terrorist aims are to cause maximum damage. Anyway times is with us and not them as they soon will be running out of food and hunger which will certainly stress them and force them to come out. That is when our soldiers do the shooting.

I for one do not want our soldiers to be the heroes, but fight wisely.


SM said...

Anonymous 11:30pm,

There is no one with the name of Maniam or Ah Kau on the death list because they can't get into the army or pdrm!
Don't bring up the Race Card (typical UMNO-type retard!) here. Malaysians from all races & religions support our armed forces & I know many a Non-Bumi Malaysian who tried to enter the Armed forces but were rejected.
My Chinese Friend & I applied to the Police Force years ago after we graduated. Guess what? They never even bothered to send us a rejection!
Maybe when the BN is one day kicked out will we have the chance to finally be a united country where race will not be brought up at every issue!

Anonymous said...

Dedicated to the brave men who died protecting this beautiful State and its peace loving people. This is also dedicated to the brave men and women currently in the battlefields around Sabah. Our hearts go out to you and pray that you will be home safe. Your sacrifices will be cherished forever...

Anonymous said...





SM said...

Anonymous 2;10pm,

You brought up the Race card & you brought up the NEP!
From your answers, it's pretty obvious who has the low IQ & worst of all, we can ALL see how uncouth & rude you are from the way you reply. Can't argue intelligently have to be rude...
I don't need the Degrees were through hard work & "Real" freebies...
But I guess now I understand why UMNO has to keep the NEP since retarded spastics (by the can find the meaning of these words in the Dictionary!) like you, they have to keep this Program on forever! Hahahahahha!!!

SM said...


I have to apologies to you for using your Blog to argue with turds (Anonymous 2:10pm) who are really not worth my time....but I do relish insulting them since they do make fools of themselves when they get angry & "try" (& I use this word loosely as their attempts are really pathetic) to argue...

Anonymous said...

SM the pseudo-intellect aka celup said, "My Chinese Friend & I applied to the Police Force years ago after we graduated. Guess what? They never even bothered to send us a rejection!"

And then this celup DARE to assume it is because of his RACE that he was rejected.

So who is the racist now?

Anonymous said...

SiMonyet's "I do relish insulting them" makes the apology hollow and hypocritical.

Guess the pseudo-intellect aka CELUP can be provoked now and then huh?

So much for a "gentlemanly" apology - counterfeit product