Saturday, March 16, 2013

Najib Tell Your Security People Shape Up Or Ship Out.

Hantu Laut

Was he there in the first place?

If he was than how in hell he managed to disappear into the black hole when security was already thightened and the area cordoned off and the police told us Sabahans not to worry that everything is under control.

This is bad news for Sabahans.

If he can escape so easily it can only mean our security people do not know what they are doing, which also mean they can come and go as they wish. They can send for re-enforcement and come in undetected.

As I have mentioned in my earlier post he may not be in there, he may be directing his man from a hotel room somewhere in the Philippines or from a village in Sibutu, Simunul or Bongao, all very near to Lahad Datu.

It's definitely a black eye for our security forces and for the Chief of Armed Forces and the Chief of Police who told reporters at a joint press conference at the Le Meridien Hotel, Kota Kinabalu of the screw-up.

Najib, tell your security people to shape up, or ship out! Their intelligence gathering sucks.

The joke is Azzimudie Kiram is 72 years old, but have the prowess and mobility of a young man.


Anonymous said...

Misuari, you don't need to tell Malaysia what to do. Beware of what you have said as that confirmed you are the enermy of Malaysia. Only Anwar can treat you as his friend and arrange secret meeting with you. Oppps wait a minute..then by virtue Anwar is also the country traitor. Bastard... can do everything to achieve his ambition to become PM even at the country expense which he doesn't care.

Please do not discriminate your future generation. Please dump this country traitor by your valuable votes.

Anonymous said...

Shape up or ship out. Banyak cantik u punya bahasa. Can you take over security if they ship out?