Sunday, March 3, 2013

Najib,Declare State Of Emergency Eastern Sabah

Hantu Laut

Enough is enough!

Obviously, they have planned this for a while and have planted their men all over the place and our military and police intelligence are sound asleep.

It is also obvious our police force is not battle ready.

Now, five more policemen are dead. What are you waiting for Najib? How many more should perish before you declare war on this people?

You should consider this as foreign invasion of our lands.

Call in the army and declare a state of emergency for the eastern corridor of Sabah stretching from Kudat to Tawau. These are places that are porous where they can come in undetected. 

If you wait any longer the situation can get worse because these people think they have an edge over our armed forces. More will come out.They have already killed seven of our men.

Send your battleships, gunships and planes to East Coast of Sabah and show them we meant business.

Isolate all Filipinos settlements, impose blockage on all these settlements and regulate all movements in and out of those areas.

Do it now.


Anonymous said...

Don't expect too much from this lame duck of a PM

Anonymous said...

Agreed with your oberservation and suggesstion..

What happen to our Military Intelligence and Special Branch ???? They must be over dose...


Anonymous said...

Finally some sense.

I may b a hardcore Pakatan fan and a fully anti Barisan Najis person.

But first and foremost, above that, I am a Malaysian. So, even I need the govt now to the RIGHt thing! and as u Hantulaut suggested, enuf is enuf.

I am sick of these Filipino bastards treating our Malaysia as theirs and to do as they please.

Bring in the tanks, bring in our MIGs, lets flatten that bloody Tanduo kampung once and for all. Kampungs we can always rebuilt. Moral standing and respect once we lose it as a nation, we become bloody laughing stock of the world.

We need people to see :-

1)When we give u shithead Filipinos a deadline, we should show we mean it. What the f*ck are we still waiting for?

2) DONT EVER EVER EVER step foot into Sabah EVER EVER EVER again, bunch of MOFOs.


SM said...


Why are we using Police Commandos here? Why have we not brought in the Army? I'm hoping Najib is doing just that (i.e. brought in the Army quietly so that these intruders are not aware of them!).
I can understand trying peaceful means but these shit heads (& now their bloody Sulu Sultan is mocking us by saying they will not surrender!) have said they will not go away & they would rather die. So let's send them to the after-life now.
Where's our Army? We are becoming a laughing stock now! So Najib is now trying to say that DSAI & the Opposition is involved?! Come on! Instead of sorting this mess out he's trying to gain Political Mileage?! Geeeze! God help Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

It is now or never. They treat our kindness as a weakness.

Anonymous said...

The Philippines papers said violence could escalate to even KK. How comes there are no patrol boats or MMEA ships stationed between Pulau Gaya and the mainland. Don't they have enough boats or they are hoping something will happen? Last time they have a number of police/MMEA boats when there was no threats.