Saturday, May 11, 2013

Of American Money, Anwar, Merdeka Centre And Ambiga's Bersih

Hantu Laut

I may not be always right, but I have never been far from the truth. 

I have in the past written about reshaped U.S foreign policy, particularly in the Asia-Pacific to thwart the influence of China's rising economic and military powers. 

The U.S. is on a global spending spree to subvert countries that do not kowtow to U.S. hegemonic policies and to unsettle and  overthrow such governments and replace with its own proxies through subtle and secret funding of politicians and NGOs of the country concerned. 

Malaysia is one such countries targeted for regime change.

Heil Anwar!

Obama, after the last presidential election, had transmuted U.S foreign policy to keep China under constant watch and change the mindset of leaders in the region to view China as a potential threat in the region.  

Read the article below by Tony Cartalucci that appeared in Global Research.

By Tony Cartalucci

Wall Street and London’s hegemonic ambitions in Asia, centered around installing proxy regimes across Southeast Asia and using the supranational ASEAN bloc to encircle and contain China, suffered a serious blow this week when Western-proxy and Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s party lost in general elections.While Anwar Ibrahim’s opposition party, Pakatan Rakyat (PR) or “People’s Alliance,” attempted to run on an anti-corruption platform, its campaign instead resembled verbatim attempts by the West to subvert governments politically around the world, including most recently in Venezuela, and in Russia in 2012.Just as in Russia where so-called “independent” election monitor GOLOS turned out to be fully funded by the US State Department through the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), Malaysia’s so-called election monitor, the Merdeka Center for Opinion Research, is likewise funded directly by the US through NED. Despite this, Western media outlets, in pursuit of promoting the Western-backed People’s Alliance, has repeatedly referred to Merdeka as “independent.”

The BBC in its article, “Malaysia election sees record turnout,” lays out the well-rehearsed cries of “stolen elections” used by the West to undermine the legitimacy of polls it fears its proxy candidates may lose – with  the US-funded Merdeka Center cited in attempts to bolster these claims. Their foreign funding and compromised objectivity is never mentioned (emphasis added) :

Read more here.


Anonymous said...

Saya sbg seorang Melayu terus terang saya kata saya khuatir.

Anonymous said...

Sudah menjadi rahsia yang terbuka tentang Anwar menjadi proxy anasir luar .. Tidak mungkin pembangkang mempunyai dana yang banyak kalau tidak dari dana anasir luar yang ingin menguasai M'sia. Jangan lah menjadi penghianat bangsa dan negara. Kepada Anwar dan pengikut, eh! berapa besar punya haram jadah dah....

Anonymous said...

I pity the Bangladeshi people because they are victim of the PRU13 allegation which stated that they were being used as phantom voters. Blogger Freedom come freedom go also mentioned that if DAP fielded a Bangladeshi they will also be voted by chinese.

So the popular votes should be awarded to Bangladeshi people in M'sia instead of Anwar. LOL

Anonymous said...

Seems George Soros is happy that his money is well spent on his puppet Anwar Ibrahim for following his script similar to Traitor in Chief at White House in Washington D.C.

Anonymous said...

InshALLAH they will fail as long as we have really good Melayus,I really mean Good Melayus around and they preached and practiced Islam moderately and silently they berdoa to ALLAH for the safety of this nation.Salam

Anonymous said...

So opposition,Merdeka Centre and Bersih participated to orchestra in bringing new regime in M'sia. So Najib is our savior protecting M'sia from these puppet of foreigners.

Azmin Ali made an u turn and gave his blessings to Khalid as MB for Selangor. He is a sotong which move in a reverse way. A leader with no direction.

Anonymous said...

Anwar adalah musang berbulu ayam.