Thursday, June 20, 2013

Indonesia, A Neighbour From Hell

Hantu Laut

I now consider Indonesia as bad neighbour.A government that talk a lot and do fuck all to clean up their dirty act.

This is not one off thing, it's happening almost every year and this time it is a catastrophe of the highest magnitude. The haze choked two neighbouring nations, Singapore and Malaysia.

I am here sitting in my lounge looking out of the window and can see how bad the haze here in Kota Kinabalu. Our Crocker Range and Mount Kinabalu, which I can see clearly every morning has disappeared, completely shrouded in haze. We are looking more like Beijing minus the concrete jungle.

I can imagine how worse it is in Singapore and Peninsula Malaysia. I understand the API went up to over 300 in Singapore today, which is hazardous to humans.

Indonesia, is certainly a neighbour from hell and should be made to pay for damages and losses incurred due to the haze.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Smoke from forest fires in Indonesia has choked neighboring Singapore and Malaysia, prompting Singaporean officials to press Jakarta for urgent action against the haze that has pushed the city-state's air pollution to the worst level in 16 years.
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Anonymous said...

trace the money trail, could jolly well lead to singapore

Anonymous said...

Recently Singapore faced an outbreak of Dengue fever. Indonesia as a concern neighbour help to kill the mosquitoes by fugigate and fogging the entire island. PM Lee should thanks DR Youdonno for showing that Indonesia really cares her

Anonymous said...

Malysian plantations in Indonesia the culprit?

Anonymous said...

Well, Malaysia's government is not doing enough to pressure them, judging from Indonesia's news reports mostly touching on Singapore as if Singapore's the only one hit badly by the haze.

I also remember somebody maybe Jusof Kalla saying something like Malaysia and Singapore should pay for the oxygen from their forests as well if they want to complain about the haze.

This thing is happening too often.

Anonymous said...

Heh heh

the top range military gadgets can't even beat the rural farmers' haze

Purple Haze said...

This is an issue that ASEAN should be tackling with all that rhetoric about regional co-operation.

Sadly, it is an annual affair and we are no closer to finding a viable solution after decades of haze.