Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ku Li, No Where Man !

Hantu Laut

So, who gives Ku Li the idea he can unseat Najib? 

Is he the most ideal to replace Najib?

If the source of Ku Li's encouragement came from the opposition with the collusion of the few moles in BN, who are unhappy with not being rewarded anything substantial by the PM, in all probability, the scheme is doomed. 

Ku Li needs to collect at least a minimum of 23 of BN MPs to join the opposition to support him in a vote of no confidence against Najib and vote of confidence for him to be the prime minister.

For all intents and purposes he would cease to be a Prime Minister from the BN, but a man who would have to be subservient to the opposition to keep himself in office.

Are there 23 disgruntled BN MPs, just enough to stage a mutiny against Najib?

Not likely! 

I would put it at not more than 10 greedy hyenas in the pack and most are the decrepit old buggers, who had been in elected office too long and have become addicted to the lucrative profession and can't let go. I will not named them now, but I have reliable source who knows who they are.

Ku Li is again being sent on a wild goose chase by a few disgruntled UMNO MPs, who think not of their country first but of themselves.

The scheme can only succeed if there is more than 50 % of BN MPs want Najib out.

Like Anwar, he aspires to be PM for a long time, but unlike Anwar he knows the law of probability might not be on his side.  


Purple Haze said...

Agree with you 100%. None of the BN MPs will cross the divide.

Ku Li's name surfaced as he is probably one of the few who represents a change from the influence of Tun Mahathir. PM Najib and DPM Muhyiddin are seen as being unable to escape from Tun M's influence.

UMNO will not see any change yet.

SM said...


Look at the BIG picture!
Ku Li & DSAI are not the threats to Najib.
Look at what's been happening in the last few days.
Utusan is whacking Nazir Razak? And we know that Utusan takes its cue from UMNO & so if it whacks Nazir....then someone other than Najib is pulling the strings. Who?
The father of Racism in Malaysia & Anti-Sematic, TDM!
We will be lucky if Najib stays on for another 5 years.
TDM got rid of Pak Lah.....he's organizing things in place for whoever he wants to take over & pave the way for his son to ascend the golden throne in the future!
Truthfully, despite all everything, give me Najib any day because the alternative would be TDM's stooge....whoever he is!

Anonymous said...

the writer is too bias against ku li , give him a chance , we are in a democratic environment , ku li has got his own good points and can be a good pacifier for the country...we want a good future , don't you ??

Anonymous said...

bagi lah peluang terakhir untok ku li, dia pon ada ada banyak jasa pada negara.....

Anonymous said...

SM, better TDM stooges than any of Fuckatoon and perhap Najib and his punahsihat.


Anonymous said...

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SM said...


I agree with Anonymous 4:03PM. Ku Li could just be the answer to Malaysia's problems!
He's a moderate, he's Royalty and he is liked by most Malaysians, he's also an acceptable choice for those who don't want DSAI & yet don't want the current UMNO Corrupted goons, he doesn't bring any dirty baggage with him, he's an experienced Politician, he's nobody's stooge (certainly not TDM's!). The more I think of it, the more it makes sense!

Anonymous said...

sm is so full of toxic grudges, TDM supports both Najib and Muhyiddin REMAIN status quo.

some racist people see nepotism where there's none, they need a shrink pronto

Anonymous said...

haiya sm, ku li because he challenged TDM right?

why you so revengeful, might as well put nik aziz - no corrupion, no cronyism, no nepotism, some more get FOC tickets to heaven


Anonymous said...

"The more I think of it, the more it makes sense!"

don't bet on it, after chinese tsunami slap, Najib and all future PMs will be TDM clones


sm can eat your heart out