Friday, July 26, 2013

Mr Prime Minister, Sabah Has No Diesel !

Hantu Laut,

This is what I put on Facebook under my real name.

Najib, are we moving forward or backward. Your "fixed deposit" state ran out of diesel. Everywhere you go, either the diesel pump is "rosak" or "diesel habis".

Did you not promise, come hell or high water, this "fixed deposit" state would get better attention and care. 

So soon you forget that we Sabahans and Sarawakians saved you from being vanquished by Anwar Ibrahim.

The irony is we are oil producing state.Whatever happened to all the oil? Export everything and leave nothing for us.Give us low grade diesel and petrol.

All Petronas stations in Sabah only sell RON95, unlike in Tanah Air Melayu, where they sell both grades.We can only get RON97 from selected Shell and Esso stations.

The rarified Petronas morons think all Sabahans are poor because we have become famous for being the poorest state in Malaysia and think Sabahans can't afford posh cars, can only afford Kancils, kapchais and bicycles.

Have all our wells dried up or the government had stopped the subsidy because the coffers are empty?

Maybe, it's not your fault, but that's what happen when you engaged the wrong people to do the job.

They are logistically fucked!

Sabah, is highly dependent on diesel because of the high population of 4X4 vehicles. 

It is unbelievable that an oil producing country like Malaysia can run out diesel. There are long queues at every petrol station in the state rendering people to wait for hours causing great inconvenience and hardship to the people.  Some stations have completely run out of diesel.

Mr Prime Minister, I am or was your ardent supporter before the election, but if you continue to look at Sabah this way, I am afraid your "fixed deposit" would have disappeared before the next general elections.

You need to kick some asses!

Surprisingly, none of Pakatan leaders raise hell over this issue.

Maybe, they don't care too.


Anonymous said...

Maybe some entrepreneurs export to Indonesia.

Anonymous said...

You deserve the 'Ketuanan' corrupt assholes you voted for.

kittykat46 said...

In general , people deserve the government they voted for.

Americans voted for the Idiot Bush - and they deserved having him in the White House for 8 years.
British voted for Tony B-liar for three terms, and they deserved having him in Number 10 for 10 years.

Sabahans, sorry to say, they deserve their State and Federal governments.

kittykat46 said...

In general, people deserve the governments they vote into power.

Americans reelected the Idiot Bush, and they deserved having him in the White House for 10 years.

The British elected Tony B-liar 3 times and they deserved having him in No 10 Downing Street for 10 years.

Sabahans, sorry to say, they fully deserve their State and Federal Governments.

Anonymous said...

Tuan admin ini masaalah pemimpin tempatanlah yang bertanggung jawab mengambil tahu dan menyelesaikannya.Perkara begini tak pun berlaku di sarawak atau pun semenanjung.Dan anon 3.51 awak jilatlah bontot anwar berlebih2.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:51 PM

Cakap ajelah kau benci Melayu, nak ambik alih Malaysia.

Elok lagilah UMNO daripada DAP korang tu, CEC apa cerita?

ROS belum apa-apa lagi drama queen Lim kit Siang dakwa UMNO suruh ROS tutup DAP buat hadiah raya.

Nak nangis lagilah tu!Nangislah sampai mampos!

Anonymous said...

Should also ask Omar Ong, Najib's blue eyed adviser, confidante, do-no-wrong angel and whatever else...

He sits on the BOD of Petronas kan?????

kampong lad said...

baru tau ka? selama ini kpd semua parti2 politik, rakyat (pengundi2) hanya ujud pada masa kempen & pilihanraya saja. bila dapat kuasa pemerintahan, rakyat (pengundi2) dah takdak nilai, dah tak ujud. mampueh pi kat hangpa. disabah, masalah sabah, di sarawak, masalah sarawak, di semenanjung pun ada masalah. bila wakil2 rakyat dah dapat kuasa, dah jadi raja/maharaja. benda dah lama dah oi!!!

Anonymous said...

You shud find out which bastards that buys the subsidised diesel and sell them to industrial users .............

Anonymous said...

HL I am glad I didn't vote for BN and I plan not to vote for them again in GE14!

Has Sarawak the same problem? If not then we in Sabah are damned for accepting UMNO. No-UMNO Sarawakians are much better off than us.

Anonymous said...

Oi 'Ketuanan' @ukibodoh HL ko oranglahlah yang maki kaum Cina 'Chink' dulu. Kalau ada telor jangan padam komen 'Chink'itu. Biasalah UMNO Malaysia! hanya ada telor bila berlindung belakang sarong polis dan tentera.

Purple Haze said...

The shortage of diesel reflects a failure of govt policy.

I'm not sure if this comes under the auspices of the Federal govt or the State govt but in either case, you really can't be pointing a finger to the Opposition, can you ?

Given that Sabah is an oil producing state, something is surely wrong somewhere.

SM said...


I agree with Kittykay 46....Malaysians deserve the Govt they voted for. Sabah (& Sarawak) is the fixed deposit of happy with that title I guess...

Anonymous said...

Whoever is responsible, I salute you with my centre finger .........F...You.