Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Najib, Please Bring TPPA To Parliament

Hantu Laut

I read with great consternation the statement made by MITI here that Malaysia stands to gain from the TPPA and not actually giving cogent information how the country going to benefit from a trade pact shrouded in secrecy.

Is the U.S the culprit to keep the negotiations under wrap because they are going to be the biggest beneficiary of this highly lopsided agreement that may cause other participating governments to fall if full details of the terms and conditions of the agreement is made known to the public?

Why the need to make the negotiations cloaked in secrecy if such association is good for everyone? 

How could the US, the mother of the free world allow such negotiations to be completely under wrap and no information made available to the general public when it can effect the lives of hundreds of million of people in the participating countries, particularly, smaller ones that could end up helplessly trapped in a lopsided deal?

The government has not been opened about the terms and conditions of the agreement other than saying it is good for the country. 

If the TPPA is so bloody good why other Pacific Rim countries like Mexico, China, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines are not interested in the pact? Are they stupid or smarter?

In all likelihood the biggest beneficiary to this trade pact would be the U.S as it has the the largest number of intellectual properties and copyrights and would demand strict adherence to the terms and conditions of the trade treaty in all participating countries. The trade pact also called for the breaking down of trade barriers, removal of tariffs and unhindered cross-border investments by transnational corporations. 

Is Malaysia ready for comparative advantage or play the level playing field?

The Malaysian government is well known for monopoly, disenfranchising and cronyism. Can they pass the scrutiny of the TPPA and not caught with their pants down?

Corporations or individual can sue government not in compliance, in a tribunal outside the country's jurisdiction. 

The biggest hostility toward the TPPA in some countries is the fear of possible blockage of access to cheap generic medicines that could drastically increase the cost of medicines and health care.

Live saving drugs are affordable to the ordinary people because of the availability of cheap generic drugs. It will be of no surprise if big pharmaceutical companies in the  U.S demand the ban of generic drugs in member countries.

New Zealanders have been most vocal on this particular issue and have mounted an aggressive campaigns with their elected representatives to not join the TPPA. Close to 77% of health care in New Zealand is subsidised by the government.

If New Zealand,  a much more advanced country with much higher per capita income is fearful of TPPA, I wonder what is Malaysia trying to prove by joining the trade pact, which will only benefit higher income countries like the U.S, Japan, Australia and Singapore.

Why is Malaysia so eager to join this trade pact that is likely to injure the country in the long run. Read here what to expect from the TPPA and how it can ruin our economy more than it can benefit us.

The people at MITI should be more discerning when giving examples. They should look at the pound not the penny. Here, they gave the textile industry as one industry that will benefit with proposed elimination or reduction of duties in TPPA. 

The textile industry is chicken feed contributing less than 2% of total export making it one of the most negligible contributors and come hell or high water would never be able to compete with other textile and apparel manufacturing countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Cambodia and many others with much cheaper labour cost. 

Textiles and apparel manufacturing has long been a sunset industry in Malaysia due to competition from less developed economies in the region.

Not many Malaysians are aware of the TPPA and I am surprise that Pakatan Rakyat's leaders and people like Ambiga of Bersih have not come out strongly against the TPPA, which can effect the lives of millions of Malaysians and the future generations.

There may be something good coming out of the TPPA, but we don't know as dearth of information had made it difficult for Malaysians to assess the viability of the TPPA as far as Malaysia is concerned.

The people in MITI are not competent to handle matters of such magnitude and have probably advised the Prime Minister wrongly.

There should be open debate in Parliament on such important and far-reaching issue that will have long lasting effect on the country's future and the future of all Malaysians. 

Members of parliament from both side of the political divide should demand Prime Minister Najib to bring the TPPA to Parliament and let the house put it to the votes.

Najib, if he is truly a prime minster for the people as he so claimed, he must show he cares for the people and country and should bring the matter to parliament.

I believe the TPPA is predatory to countries with smaller economies and will open themselves to economic colonisation by the bigger economic powers.

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Anonymous said...

I think anwar, ambiga and kit siang & the gang are keeping quiet now for tactical reason..they are waiting for the Government to sign the agreement first, and then their roadshow will start .. by attacking the Government on the issues now raised by the bloggers and public. When that happens PM will under pressure again. Only this time it will be big time trouble for Najib because he will not be able to reverse it, since it involves USA. So Tok Pa and Najib should better be very careful about this. Please listen to the bloggers, the public and Tun Dr M.

Anonymous said...

Najib akan gadai dan jual apa saja demi politik populist beliau.Ini adalah satu satunya Perdana Menteri yang keliru dan hilang punca sehingga beliau sendiri tidak mengetahui mana yang baik untuk rakyat dan negara.

Anonymous said...

Please read www.tremeritus.com/2013/07/13/ng-kok-lim-rebuts-sg-embassy-singapore-is-authoritarian

Anonymous said...

Najib is ill advised by his trusted sidekicks.

Anonymous said...

I thought YB JB has initiated a bipartisan parliamentary caucus on this, no?

Anonymous said...

People in government and opposition are all puppets, American business interests succeeded in hedging their bets.

Purple Haze said...

The 3rd paragraph in your posting "Why the need to make the negotiations cloaked in secrecy if such association is good for everyone? " can also be applied to various "deals' made in the past e.g PKFZ, NFC, IPPs, which are issues of national interest as well.

I hope you will also bring awareness to your readers on these issues which affect all the rakyat.

The question in your 3rd para is uncannily the same line of questioning used by the opposition.

I await the anti-Opposition cybertroopers to start bashing you for defecting to the non-existent "Rid BN Army" cause.