Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sugar And GST: Anwar: Scholar, Politician, or A Clown?

Hantu Laut

I don't quite understand this man.Sometimes, he makes sense, other time, blowing hot air.

Maybe, it's time Anwar Ibrahim cuts the cuckle and get real. His remonstrances against the GST has turned ridiculously tasteless and deplorable for an educated man like him.

How can Malaysia be wrong when over 160 developed, developing and under-developed countries have adopted the GST or VAT to their tax structure.

He sounds the typical crab mentality in a "king of the hill"match when he condemned the removal of sugar subsidy and alleged that the taking away of subsidy stands to benefit sugar manufacturers, particularly, Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary. 

The figures he quoted make no sense. The government claimed to have subsidised the price of sugar, but his imputation  make it seemed that it was the manufacturers who actually subsidised the commodity by lowering the price. He said now that the subsidy has been removed the manufacturers/distributors profits have skyrocketed. Story here.

For decades the distribution of sugar in the country was the monopoly of one Chinese towkay and there was not a squeak from Anwar's mouth. 

For more than half a century the sugar trade was controlled by Robert Kwok's companies and Anwar who was Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister then did not complain of such monopoly and did not call for its removal. The "Sugar King" had complete control over the distribution of the commodity before Felda took over his manufacturing complex. Anwar had the power to change things then, why didn't he?

It's OK for Chinese to be rich, but Malays must not become too rich even if they worked hard for their success and Syed Mokhtar is a businessman just like any other Chinese businessman whose success and reliability in making things happen have attracted those in power to give him huge projects where other Malay manufactured entrepreneurs are likely to fail. One should admire him, not resort to argumentum ad invidiam.

May I ask Anwar, if GST/VAT is such a regressive tax how come over 160 countries adopted the tax regime, even more so, highly developed countries ?


Anonymous said...

Lets him be a high class clown.

Purple Haze said...

By the same token, look at Mukhriz.

One day, he wants to "punish" the Chinese. Next, he says he will help them.

Just because he was vying for UMNO VP, he makes all kinds of racially incriminating statements.

Now that he has lost, he wants to build bridges with the people he stomped on.

To all the politicians (including Anwar and Opposition folks). The people are not stupid and the internet has a long memory.