Friday, January 10, 2014

The Beginning Of The End.....Najib Worse Than Pak Lah

Hantu Laut

It seems Najib is continuing to lose support of many pro-UMNO/BN bloggers, who supported him in the 13th GE. 

Disheartened by Najib's total failure to do what he had promised these bloggers have turned against him.

These are genuine unpaid bloggers, paid only by the belief that Najib can bring about feasible political changes for the benefits of all Malaysians. The man didn't make the cut, he fared worse than Pak Lah. 

As self-consolation, the dickheads in UMNO claimed they have increased winning in Malay areas and as dickheads should be forgot that victory was handed over by Sabah and Sarawak. There weren't enough Malay seats in Peninsula Malaysia for BN/UMNO to win on Malay votes exclusively. In urban areas the Malays have abandoned them.

The nation is now like a ship foundering in heavy seas with a captain unable to steer the ship to a safe harbour. Najib had failed miserably to deliver on his promises.The nation is lingering on the edge of a dangerous racial and religious turmoil.

It is obvious that Najib lent too much of his ears to swashbuckling buccaneers and political prostitutes and ignored the groundswell of public opinion.

I was not wrong when I gave up on the man much earlier than some of these bloggers.

Two of his most avid supporters "Outsyed The Box" and "APANAMA" have started to question his political integrity and performance and I predict more pro-bloggers will follow soon.

Read APANAMA's article on "Najib Worse Than Pak Lah"

If Najib thinks blogs and social media are not pivotal in changing public opinion, he is mighty wrong. The erosion of support for BN/UMNO and its current dilemma are brought about by the new stingers.


Purple Haze said...

What you have written was already quite evident BEFORE GE13. The bloggers closed ranks because of the elections and trained their guns on the PR personalities instead.

This is quite unfortunate as we should be electing governments based on ideas and strategies instead of based on character assignation. But perhaps, this is the means to sway the rural voters - so-and-so are "bad", so don't vote for them.

When you have the mainstream media in you pocket, the message gets hammered through.

But you are quite right that the new media is where the battles will be fought as the internet doesn't forget.

If you want to read Rais Yatim's doctoral thesis about the evils of the ISA, you can get it on the internet, as an example. And of course, plenty of idiotic statements made by various little Napoleans.

The pro-UMNO bloggers seem to want him out or take some action. I would rather he stay in the job as the present No 2 (IMO)is not a statesman that Malaysians can trust. Be careful - the people of Sabah and Sarawak might be even more marginalized.

Ramayana said...

As a matter of future record, your assertion that the urban Malays in the Peninsula abandoned UMNO at the last GE13 is an urban myth.

Various independent analysts have proven with stats that Malay support for UMNO has been consistent at around 62-64% in all states of Semenanjung. This includes urban areas in Pakatan-won states.

But you are correct: BN owes a massive debt to pribumis in Sabah and Sarawak and should therefore reward these states accordingly. Which Najib has not done satisfactorily.