Monday, January 13, 2014

The Devil You Know....Better Najib Than Muhyiddin?

Hantu Laut

Better the devil you know.....better Najib than Muhyiddin. This comment have appeared in my blog a number of times by pro-Pakatan supporters. 

Below is a recent one from a regular commentator.

Purple Haze said...
What you have written was already quite evident BEFORE GE13. The bloggers closed ranks because of the elections and trained their guns on the PR personalities instead.

This is quite unfortunate as we should be electing governments based on ideas and strategies instead of based on character assignation. But perhaps, this is the means to sway the rural voters - so-and-so are "bad", so don't vote for them.

When you have the mainstream media in you pocket, the message gets hammered through.

But you are quite right that the new media is where the battles will be fought as the internet doesn't forget.

If you want to read Rais Yatim's doctoral thesis about the evils of the ISA, you can get it on the internet, as an example. And of course, plenty of idiotic statements made by various little Napoleans.

The pro-UMNO bloggers seem to want him out or take some action. I would rather he stay in the job as the present No 2 (IMO)is not a statesman that Malaysians can trust. Be careful - the people of Sabah and Sarawak might be even more marginalized.

Many seemed to prefer Najib over Muhyiddin, whom they consider  a worse hardliner than Najib and whom many pro-oppositions supporters suspect to be working closely with Mahathir to bring down Najib. To what extent this is true, I 'll leave to it to your imagination. 

To make matters worse for Najib there are also rumours floating around that alleged Najib to have given strict instruction to UMNO divisional heads to ensure Mukhriz do not get enough votes to win as one of the vice-presidents in the recently concluded UMNO's elections and the supposedly esoteric information have been leaked to Mahathir and the old man is not happy with Najib. 

Some say Mahathir is grinding his axe and waiting for the right time to go for the kill. Again, these are rumours circulating around the coffee shops, which I have misgivings about. 

If true, it is a reflection of Mahathir's poor judgement of people's character. Both Pak Lah and Najib's  rise to the helm was orchestrated by him. Mahathir also had a bad record of choosing wrong deputies during his tenure as prime minister, none have fitted the bill.

A win would automatically give Mukhriz a seat on the Supreme Council and high probability of him clawing his way to greater influence in the party hierarchy.

They say Najib is worried more about Mukhriz being the threat than Muhyiddin.

I personally think Najib is not a bad person but a weak leadership surrounded by bad people with selfish agenda, whom he can't resist.A sure sign of weakness on the part of a leader. 

Would Muhyiddin be worse than Najib as PM and why?

Let's have some feed back.


Purple Haze said...

Muhyiddin has stated that he is "Malay first, Malaysian 2nd".

That is a statement that is countrary to the raison d'etre of this country.

That kind of statement should never be made by a person who wants to lead this multi-racial country. Does he really have the well-being of Malaysians in mind or just Malays ?

He is also the current Minister of Education. While the decline in our education standards cannot be attributed to him, he is clueless without any strategic plan to stop this decline even when international studies keep showing Malaysia dropping steadily in various periodical reports of education standards. I have yet to hear of him detailing a concrete plan other than more (rather than less) B Malaysia in the education system.

We won't achieve the Vision 2020 target with such short sightedness.

I agree with you that Najib does have a more "Malaysian" outlook but the people surrounding him are (intentionally or otherwise) stabbing him in the back.

SM said...


As you said, Najib is a weak Leader. Whether he is good or not only Allah can tell!
As for Muhyidin, who can tell? He's waiting his turn to take over! All these UMNO goon can think of is Power, Money & Sex!

SM said...


As you said, Najib is a weak Leader. Whether he is good or not only Allah can tell!
As for Muhyidin, who can tell? He's waiting his turn to take over! All these UMNO goon can think of is Power, Money & Sex!

Ramayana said...

When your enemies vouch for you, you know you're doing a bad job.

Anonymous said...

We do not have anybody of caliber to lead the country now. Even Mahatir was a bottom student. His famous coning flair will not help to improve the country. While the two Head and Deputy float listlessly, Mahathir is stirring the froth openly or secretly to fill the country with sentiments hopefully working to his advantage.
We all suffer at their games.
Sabah and Sarawak will be worst off; only the CMs there will have no interference from KL but enjoy the benefit of squeezing more on the citizens to make more $ for themselves.
When the scums settle, we will find ourselves so far behind our neighbors we could be the Zimbabwe of S.E. Asian region by then.
Luckily there is no war now or we could be an easy walkover by any lesser intruders.

Anonymous said...

Frankly is there any difference? They are from the same acuan, follow the same ramuan,and use the same rempah, so why should TSMY be any difference? In fact whoever from UMNO becomes the next PM, we will have the same old same old........Only difference maybe just how voracious his appetite and quite fefinitely we will not have another FLOM that's so despicable......