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Shown below is part of an interview by NST with Nazri, the de facto Minister of Law.I find special interest in the following comments.

Q: There is less than two weeks for people to come forward with what they have. Are you hoping that they will?

A: I hope so. We set up the panel to investigate the authenticity of the tape.

Come forward, lah. Apa nak takut? Takkan kita nak bantai orang kita! (What’s there to be afraid of? We won’t beat up our own people!)

Every five years, we put ourselves up as candidates for election. If we do something wrong, do you think that people will let you go just like that? No way!

Can Nazri assures that the person who came forward wouldn't be tortured to extract information from him like what had happened to Abdul Malek Hussein, the ISA detainee. The police had been known for their torture method on criminals and political detainees ?There were a number of cases where prisoners under remand died while in police custody. How could this clueless Minister, or maybe he thinks Malaysians are all stupid to believe him say "Apa nak takut? Takkan kita nak bantai orang kita!.The ACA are also known to have mentally torture an accused person using long interrogation method to wear the person down. Even a powerful ex Deputy Prime Minister had been physically abused while in prison what chance would you think the common people have against such police brutality.

The Minister spent too much time in his comfort zone and are oblivious to the fact that many Malaysians are now more afraid of the police than the criminals. The rise in crimes and organised crimes over the past few years were the result of the government having lost control of the police force.The police are now run Mafioso style.

Friday, October 19, 2007



Singapore would be happy to rejoin Malaysia if it surpassed the island's success, its former prime minister and Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew said.Is Lee Kuan Yew a shit stirrer who likes to ruffle Malaysian leaders feathers?Is he being histrionic ?He said Singapore is only interested to rejoin if Malaysia were more successful.

With the present Malaysian leadership, its unfair practices and economic discrimination against the other races, can Malaysia overtakes Singapore in term of economic success ?

Malaysia enjoyed a good degree of economic success under former prime minister, Tun Mahathir Mohammad, who discreetly downplayed the NEP (New Economic Policy) to stimulate economic growth. Mahathir , whom many Malaysians have learned to hate during his tenure, knew, without strong Chinese participation, the economy would not be able to grow substantially to take the country out of its underdeveloped status. The government still needs the Chinese economic engines to drive the economy to a higher level.

Malaysia and Singapore, due to ideological differences, have had a long history of ambivalent relationship.

On the 9th 0f August 1965, in Singapore, at about 10 a.m., music played on the radio was cut off abruptly for an urgent announcement that will change the course of history and the faith of the two nations.The announcer solemnly read out a proclamation.

"Whereas it is the inalienable right of the people to be free and independent, I, Lee Kuan Yew, prime minister of Singapore, do hereby proclaim and declare on behalf of the people and the government of Singapore that as from today, the 9th day of August in the year 1965,Singapore shall forever be a sovereign,democratic and independent nation,founded upon the principles of liberty and justice and ever seeking the welfare and happiness of her people in a more just and equal society."

Later in the evening, Lee Kuan Yew appeared on television, overcome by emotion, cried and only regained his composure after about 20 minutes, announced to the nation the separation of Singapore from Malaysia.The separation was at the behest of Tungku Abdul Rahman and his ruling party, UMNO.The sudden ejection of Singapore from Malaysia was taken with mixed feelings, some were overwhelmed with emotions while others were jubilant.Some Chinese merchants in Singapore's Chinatown set off firecrackers to celebrate their liberation from Malays' hegemony.

Singapore was thrown out of Malaysia without being given the chance to explore other avenues to resolve the issue of Malaysian Malaysia broached by Lee Kuan Yew. The Malays took his demand for equal rights for all Malaysians as an affront to Malay supremacy and disrespect to the central government.

Most nations have to fight for independent, Singapore had independence forced on them. As Lee Kuan Yew wrote in his memoirs "We were a Chinese Island in a Malay Sea". Two million Chinese surrounded by over 100 millions Malays. He said "How could we survive in such a hostile environment." Undaunted, Lee Kuan Yew would spend the next 40 years to find answers to this difficult questions.

Singapore, an island nation of about 214 sq.mile has no natural resources and an economy that can survive better on the inefficiencies of its neighbours.The entreport trade founded in 1819, which it depended much on, now face a doubtful future. Much of Singapore economy, at that time, depended on its strategic location as an entreport and the military presence of British forces.British defence spending in Singapore accounted for about 20 percent of the GDP and directly employed 30,000 workers and indirectly another 10,000 domestic help.The scaling down of the British presence would have a serious impact on the economy.

The man of steel, Lee Kuan Yew is not easily rattled, not afraid of danger, combative and take no nonsense, embarked on a long and tedious journey to develop tiny Singapore into a nation he visualised would one day be one of the most ultra modern and most developed nations in the world. The man had gone through turbulent times in pursuit of his dream of making Singapore a great city state.

I have lived in Singapore for over ten years and witnessed the progressive transformation of the country from a gangster-infested and crime-ridden city into ultra modern, efficient and an almost crime free metropolis. From the already efficient Payar Lebar airport to the super efficient Changi airport, I have witnessed the clock work that the leaders of the country had installed to catapult it into the twenty-first century. This is the airport of the future, where traveller's comfort and ease of movement is a priority. Not many airports can rival Changi, where even the toilets can dazzle you.Going through Immigration and Custom is like a breeze and it's probably the only airport in the world where, upon arrival, your baggage waits for you at the carousel instead of you spending time waiting for your baggage to arrive.

The brand new Sepang International Airport is a far cry from being airport of the present, let alone the future, built more as a showcase than functionality, it has many drawbacks.As always and in true Malaysian tradition the toilets are what toilets should be.... must have that shitty smell.For a first time traveller, arriving at Sepang can be quite a challenge if you were to have an immediate connection on a domestic flight. Directional signboards can be quite misleading and there weren't enough shops, restaurants and cafes inside the main departure hall. Malaysia Airports Berhad should send some of their personnel to Changi to learn how airports should be run.

Even in the eighties Singapore was already advance and efficient. You can apply for a telephone line and it would be installed within the same day, where ever you are. Even more amazing, the many years that I and my family lived there, we have only experienced two blackouts that lasted only for a short while. In many parts of Malaysia, blackouts and power surges are daily occurrences.

Singapore never failed to amaze me for its incredible efficiency.One day I arrived at Changi and was at the Immigration counter waiting for my passport to be chopped and to my utter amazement and disbelief, the Immigration officer told me politely that I haven't paid the property tax on my apartment and asked me to do so immediately before the government take action against me. I do not know of any other country that had such well coordinated government departments , certainly not in my country, where the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.

If you have been visiting Singapore frequently, you would probably have noticed how they carry out their road repairs. Most roads were repaired at night when there were less traffic on the road, to avoid causing inconvenience to motorists.In Singapore, no truck carrying spoils to the work site dare spill dirt on the road, any spillage would be quickly removed by the driver's assistant and any traces of dirt left behind would be washed away. In Malaysia roadworks are carried out at anytime of the day causing long queue and delay to motorists. The relevant government department seems not to have any control over the contractors doing the work.Spillage on Malaysian roads are very common and the culprits are seldom penalised.Malaysian policemen are only interested in checking the validity of road taxes and close their eyes to other more damaging offences.

There was a joke in Singapore that even the angsana tree dares not shed its leaves, out of fear of Lee Kuan Yew, that he would be so angry, he may order the tree to be chopped down. In Singapore, the specie of trees to be planted were chosen for its character. If it has a nasty habit of littering the roads with its leaves, it would not be the tree of choice. This botanical discrimination is for the purpose of cutting down the cost of cleaning up, which makes a lot of sense. Singapore is greener than many other cities including those of its neighbours. Most pedestrian malls and boulevards are lined with trees on either sides to provide natural sheds. This is a city that cares about its citizens and visitors, putting taxpayers' money to good use, providing excellent amenities for the people. Unlike Kuala Lumpur, it is a pedestrian friendly city. The walkways in bustling Orchard Road in the city centre are covered by shady trees .The same cannot be said of Jalan Bukit Bintang in downtown Kuala Lumpur. After Kebun Raya in Bogor, Indonesia and the Pamplemousses in Mauritius, Singapore is the only other country in this region that can boost of having a botanical garden.

A functional city must have good public transportation system.This city state has one of the most efficient and reliable public transport. The public buses and LRT are clean and on schedule.Taxis are available everywhere and round the clock. Taxis cannot refuse to take passengers as long as they are not changing shift. Any taxi driver found to have broken the code of conduct may lose his licence to drive a taxi. This is a government that mean business and enforce the law without fear or favour.

Try get a taxi in Kuala Lumpur during peak hours, most taxi drivers will refuse to take you to the place you want to go to, if they do agree, they will charge you a bomb for the fare. Worse still, there were many instances where taxi drivers cheated foreign tourists by overcharging the fare.Recently, there was a case where a taxi driver raped his female passengers. Discipline is still a big problem with taxi drivers in Kuala Lumpur.The government knew about the problem but have done nothing to stop it.

Many years ago when I was still staying in Singapore there was case where a rickshaw driver who charged a Japanese tourist an exorbitant amount for a short ride on his rickshaw.The driver was charged and when the case went to court, the Singapore government brought back the Japanese tourist to attend the court case as a witness and a victim. The Japanese tourist got a free holiday as all expenses were paid by the government. Most other government would have considered it a petty crime and would not have bothered.Some 9.7 million tourists visited Singapore in 2005.

Some are born, some are made and some are gifted.Lee Kuan Yew has it all.He became Prime Minister of self-governing Singapore at the age of 35.At 42 he was Prime Minister of independent Singapore.

In his second memoirs 'From Third World To First' he said "We faced tremendous odds with an improbable chance of survival.Singapore was not a natural country but man-made, a trading post the British had developed into a nodal point in their world-wide maritime empire.We inherited the island without its hinterland, a heart without a body."

Immediately after the expulsion many foreign press predicted doom for Singapore .The Sydney Morning Herald, on 10th Aug 1965 wrote "An independent Singapore was not regarded as viable three years ago.Nothing in the current situation suggests that it is more viable today".The London Sunday Times, on 22 August 1965 wrote "Singapore economy would collapse if the British bases - costing more than 100 million sterling - were closed"

Undaunted, by the prophecies of the Western media, Lee Kuan Yew assiduously set out to prove that nothing is unattainable as long as you persevere , which he did and proved the soothsayers wrong.

The per capita GDP of Singapore in 1959 was US$400, in 1990 it had grown to US$12,200 and in1999 to US$22,000.Singapore has a highly developed market-based economy.The manufacturing industry is well-diversified into electronics, petroleum refining, chemicals, mechanical engineering and biomedical sciences manufacturing.In 2006, Singapore produced 10% of the world's foundary wafer output.It is also the busiest port in the world in term of tonnage shipped.It is the world fourth largest foreign exchange trading centre after London,New York City and Tokyo.It has been rated as the most business-friendly economy in the world.Thousand of foreign expatriates work in multi-national corporations in Singapore.

The per capita GDP in 2006 was US$26,833.It was ranked No.24 in 2005 per capita GDP.How could a seemingly godless person like Lee Kuan Yew transformed a small tropical island into an economic powerhouse without any natural resources and with a population of less than 5 millions?

It has been said 'take care of the little things, the big things will take care of themselves'.

Singapore's success story had been on nothing is to small or too little for government to intervene - like the rickshaw driver.

In Malaysia, we want the biggest, the tallest, the longest and ............forget the little things.

Friday, October 12, 2007



Should Malaysia always be in the news for the wrong reason ? Malaysians have been known to display the ugly sides of their purportedly civilised and modern outlook. A 'bodoh sombong' , a regressive behaviour that have made them looking more stupid, uncivilised and a laughing stock to their neighbours and the rest of the world. Since Hitler's vision of the Aryan race and apartheid in South Africa no other country in the world had ever institutionalised their race as being supreme.No government had the balls to dare incorporate it as a government policy, if it exists, it would be unspoken. In Malaysia, the Malay politicians openly speak about ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy). Those, who believe innately so, had thrown caution to the winds and behaved appallingly.

The recent arrest and detention of an Indonesian diplomat's wife speaks volume of the intelligence of the people at RELA, a government appointed vigilante,whom in the first place should not have been given the power to arrest illegal immigrant. These are lowly educated, half-trained and half-baked enforcement personnel who would be more suited to clear the streets off stray dogs. Putting power in the wrong hands are likened to putting a gun in the hand of a five-year old child. This is RELA doing police's work.

The police force, enforcer of law and order, have highly questionable integrity and are alleged to be unclean from head to toe.Some policemen have been known to solicit bribes from poor and defenceless immigrants, illegal or otherwise. The recent arrest of a senior police officer, who had amassed almost RM 7 millions in ill-gotten gains was only the tip of the iceberg.Even the IGP (Chief 0f Police) had been accused of corruption and giving protection to underworld crime lords.An allegation that had been cleared and confirmed by the Attorney-General as spuriously untrue. A Deputy Home Minister was also accused of taking a RM5 million bribes to release some organised crime lords.An allegation hastily demolished, for lack of evidence, by the Attorney-General's office.

If the police were not on a good pedestal, what sort of moral integrity could you expect from members of RELA .They have acted like thugs and gangsters and brutalised their victims.

At midnight on 11 February 2006, Rela carried out a raid on foreign workers in the Selayang open market. “According to eye-witnesses, those migrant workers caught were beaten up by the Rela personnel and treated like cattle.” Citing a British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) report, the memo continued: “...five died while fleeing the raid. Five bodies were found in a small lake near the open market in Selayang Baru.” Further, “Kuala Lumpur Hospital confirmed that four bodies had been taken from the lake in Selayang while another body...was said to be buried quickly.”

It is strange that after such a serious incident involving loss of life, the Immigration authorities and the government remained silent.No inquiry by the government into the circumstances of this raid was made nor was any public statement on it forthcoming.

On 28 February, 61 Indian nationals, cheated and left in the lurch, penniless, by an unscrupulous employment agent, and reduced to sitting and waiting for assistance outside their embassy for a number of days, were also assaulted by Rela. Some of them were badly injured in the attack; but were not been given medical treatment. They were detained, unjustifiably.

Another raid on 13 May in Selayang market and Seri Kembangan at around 2.45 am, involving around 1,000 Rela personnel unaccompanied by police or immigration officers, was carried out in an “indecent and brutal manner”, according to Suaram.

In July, Rela conducted a raid on a refugee settlement in Putrajaya. The Achenese refugees were rudely awakened at 3.00 am and herded into lorries by Rela personnel. They were handcuffed with zip-ties and taken a distance to a partly constructed building in Sungai Merab. They were searched and nine of them detained because they did not have UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) cards on them. At 6.30 am, those not detained were sent back to the settlement to find Rela personnel carting away all their belongings after setting their houses on fire. They were left with nothing but “the clothes on their backs”. What was the reason for this inhumanity? None has been given by Rela or the government.

Three more raids are known to have been carried out so far, two in Selangor and one in Penang. All invariably with violence, destruction of property and commission of theft, discovered after the raids by Rela. Pregnant women and children including babies are not spared in the raids and ill-treatment, lack of proper medical attention or degrading conditions in detention centres common features.

Even more disturbing was Rela chief Khairi Mohd. Alwee’s statement in The Malay Mail on 19 October. Replying to complaints by residents of Taman Anggerik, Selangor that Rela members had broken their door locks and gates to gain entry to search their houses for undocumented immigrants at 5 am on 14 October, he said they had acted according to procedure.

He added, “Rela officers were authorised to enter and search premises without warrants and arrest and handcuff suspects.” Further, he confirmed, “ We are also authorised to carry firearms but we don’t flaunt it to avoid chaos.”

From the arrest and detention of black African tourist to the bashing of an Indonesian rugby coach by police, raid on elderly non-Muslim foreign couples by Islamic Council enforcement officers and many more shamefully stupid actions by those clowns in uniform, the government didn't bat an eyelid on the matter. The senseless actions of these enforcement agencies shows how dim-witted they are and a shame to this country.

What had brought so many illegal immigrants to this country ? Most of the problem had to do with wrong government policies and greed of certain people in power to capitalise on the situation to make money. Most legal recruitment of foreign workers were given to employment agencies appointed by the Immigration Department with some having close connection with certain senior officers in the department. Most of these agencies are run by less than honourable people.The local employment agency worked together with another employment agency in the foreign worker's home country.Both employer and employee paid a hefty sum to the employment agencies. Most of the foreign workers were fleeced so badly, major part of their earning went to pay these unscrupulous agents. To make matters even worse the government imposed high foreign workers levy which can burden certain industry in the country. Not all industries enjoy the same profit margin.For some labour intensive industry, the high cost of recruitment, would eats into their profit margin.

Due to the high cost of coming to work in Malaysia, many foreign workers prefer to take the risk and come into the country illegally and some employer would also take the risk of employing them illegally.

It's time for the government to liberalise the employment of foreign workers, lower the levy and disband the notoriously unpleasant RELA.

They are a disgrace to the country.

Note: Some texts on the incidents by RELA were taken from Aliran.

Latest on RELA:
Rela chief instructs officer to lodge police report

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Presidential hopeful, Sen.John McCain made a home truth statement that America is a Christian nation and that he prefers the President to be a Christian, short of saying that he must also be white.

He said “I would probably have to say yes, that the Constitution established the United States of America as a Christian nation,” . Senator Joe Lieberman, an Orthodox Jew, defended him and said “I have known John McCain very well for many years and I know that he does not have a bigoted bone in his body,” said Lieberman, according to The Associated Press. “I know that he is fair and just to all Americans regardless of their faith.” Except for several Jewish and Muslims organisations, McCain's statement had little impact on the American populace in general.

Later McCain clarified his remarks while campaigning in Hollis, New Hampshire and said “What I do mean to say is the United States of America was founded on … Judeo-Christian values, which were translated by our founding fathers [and are] basically the rights of human dignity and human rights,”

What McCain had said was not far from the truth.America is a Judeo-Christian nation under the pretext of practising pluralistic faiths.Although, America has no religious requirement for public office, it is an unwritten law and by convention that the President should be white and preferably Christian. If Obama, who is half black, thinks he can be President, he must be having a dream. Just like Martin Luther King "I have a dream", he has to wait his time, and that time may not have time for him during his lifetime.

In a hypocritical mode, McCain went on to say “But that doesn't mean that I’m sure that someone who is Muslim would not make a good president,” he added, saying he would vote for a Muslim if the person was “best able to lead the country and defend our political values.”. This is hard to believe, coming from a Christian hardliner. If Black African, who had been there, as long as the Whites, couldn't reach the highest office, would anyone honestly believe Muslims have a chance ? What McCain had just said was pure lip service just to be seen to be politically correct with the American populace. It was not 'an honest to God' statement.

John McCain, was born in Panama, was assured of his US citizenship by both jus sanguinis (right of blood) and jus soli (right of soil) as both his parents were American and he was born on American-controlled soil.If McCain wins the 2008 Presidential Election, he would be the oldest President to ascent to power and the first one to be born outside the 50 states. Would McCain have a chance? Most likely, because he is white and a Christian.Would Barrack Obama have a chance ? Most unlikely, he may be Christian but he is not white.

America may be a melting pot, but it is still the fiefdom of the white race with major control of almost everything, first and foremost political power. To think that Muslims and Blacks can be President is a 'dream'. To the uninitiated, America is the biggest democracy in the world.It may seems so but it's certainly not the truest form of democracy. There are still many un-institutionalised racism and discrimination. Take the case of presidential hopeful Mitt Romny, a Mormon by faith.

Where ever Mitt Romny goes, the question was whether his faith would hurt his quest for the Republican presidential nomination. His response was that only members of the media brought up his religion as an issue.In spite of his denial, the feeling on the ground shows that most royal Republican would not vote for him because of his religion.A Newsweek poll shows that 28 percent of American would not vote for any member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.There still exists deep prejudice against Mormonism.

Romny would make a perfect Republican candidate, good looking, able to raise fund,conservative and promised not to raise taxes. Would he have a chance ? Some Republican insisted that Mormonism is a cult. Romny may not make it due to religious discrimination.

Would the current President, George Bush fits the typical 'red neck' image. Bush won the first presidential election not on popular vote but on an electoral vote. Due to his not so great popularity, Bush decided to go to war to regain the peoples' support and confidence.After Sept 11, 2001, in October the same year he ordered the invasion of Afghanistan to overthrow the Taliban regime and declared global war on terrorism.In March 2003, he ordered the massive invasion of Iraq.The Gallup poll recorded his approval rating soared to 90% immediately after he launched the war.He was re-elected in November 2003.A Newsweek poll taken in June 2007 shows Bush approval rating had plummeted to 26%, the lowest ever recorded for a sitting president in 35 years. Have the American people grown sick of him, his lies and his incompetence. He practically pays good money to chase bad money.

It is almost seven years since he first launched his military adventure into Afghanistan. Today, the Taliban have regrouped and launched new offensive against the American backed Kabul regime and against American forces in the country.Osama and Al-Qaeda have regained strenght and declared war on General Musharraf's Pakistan. Pakistan has to bear the frequent suicide bombings and terrorist attacks from Al-Qaeda.

Almost five years, there is no end in sight on the war in Iraq. It's has gotten worse with the daily killing and bombing of innocent civilians.

Is Bush the pride of the nation?

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


(A Secularist and Pacifist)

"Never underestimate the destructive power of stupid people I'm happy to report that we at Pedestrian Infidel are continuing to get under the skins and piss off Muslims. The honor is ours!"

That's the opening paragraph of an anti-Islamic blogger who was irked by my article 'Judaism, Christianity and Islam: Are we in compatible ?'

The article is not an affront to Judaism and Christianity and I had not the slightest intention to insult or desecrate the two religions. The article merely stated the history of Jewish persecution over the past two millennium by the Romans and later Christians. For those who don't have the stomach to digest history and accept that the human race irrespective of race, colour and creed are capable of committing injustices, atrocities and genocides, are either pretending to be ignorant or living in a state of denial of the crimes committed by their forefathers.As the Bible teaches all Christians " Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" NEW TESTAMENT, John,VIII,13.

Men of all creeds had, over the millennium, forsaken religion and God to pursue personal glory through expansion of territory, ideology and sphere of influence.Hegemonic control of countries and the people had always been through forceful means.No conquest had been achieved without bloodshed and atrocities committed on the vanquished. Alexander the Great had conquered many territories as far east as India.He had no need for such vast stretch of land, needless to say, he did it for personal glory. The Roman empire covered most countries in Europe and those around the Mediterranean. This so called civilisation had, in pursuing the expansion of its empire, committed untold atrocities on the people defeated and conquered by them.Jesus Christ, a Galilean Jew, a central figure in Christianity was accused of sedition against the Roman Empire and was crucified. He died in the most horrible way. The persecution of Jews and Christians went on for a few centuries in the Roman Empire.After 313 CE, Christianity was legalised and had become the official state religion.

When Hitler became the 'Fuhrer' in 1934 he had a vision of a great German Empire that he perceived should cover half the globe, ruled and populated only by people of unadulterated Aryan blood. His madness brought great destruction, massive loss of human lives and mass extermination of Jews in most part of Europe.In Russia, at about the same time, Stalin, killed few millions of his countrymen in the 'Great Purge', anyone who opposed or perceived to oppose him were either killed or sent to the Gulag, a forced labour camp where prisoners worked like slaves under most atrocious conditions.In Cambodia from 1975 to 1979, Pol Pot, another mad man, senselessly massacred about 2 millions of his own people, many professionals were killed to satisfy his whims of turning the country to an agrarian society.In 1994 the biggest genocide in recent time killed almost 1.0 million ethnic Tutsis in Rwanda, mostly hacked to death by Hutu militiamen in 100 days, the most efficient killing spree ever recorded. In Iraq, Saddam Hussein massacred few thousands Kurds after an attempted assassination on his life. Genocide in Darfur and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Don't you see the similarities in all of them.None of this atrocities and wars were for religion, they were for the greed of men.

I will further show how the West, which are mostly Christian populated nations were so embroiled in hypocrisy,they forgot what they preach, they don't do what they have preached.

There had been many genocides in the world where the Western powers and the United States, the self-proclaimed global policemen had closed their eyes to. The genocide in Combodia, the genocide in Rwanda, the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia and the current genocide in Darfur. Where were the morally upright and caring American? Why didn't the President send his troops to stop the massacre of innocent civilians by invading the country and bring the leaders to trial and execute them like what they did to Saddam Hussein. Do the Americans love the Iraqis more than the black African ? Or was it Iraqis' oil that they love ?

America pick and choose where they want to be. Its priority is America's economic interest not human lives.The American administration don't give a damn, even if there were another holocaust as long as it does not injure the American economy.

To take the criminal actions of Osama and other terrorist organisations that shouted jihad as, teachings of the Koran, to inflict violence on Jews and Christians, is nothing but bad intention of the anti-Islamic groups to rile up the Muslims even further.Osama is not the typical Muslim, he is an outcaste, a pariah of the Islamic ummah, a mad man, who, not unlike George Bush, perceived violence as a solution to stop violence. To equate violence to Islam is a complete lack of profundity. A Western chauvinism and a misplaced self-fulfilling doctrine of superiority, the dogmas of the Western nations.

The days of miracles are over, God doesn't speak to men any more. It is man who speaks to man to do evil things.The person who strapped bomb onto his body and blow himself and other innocent people up were the product of evil man, not evil religion.

How would you, yes you!, the one that find honor to piss off Muslims and insult Mohammad, the sacred prophet of Islam, benefited from your action. Don't you think your malicious actions could worsen the problem? What do you hope to achieve by doing such derogatory task of insulting other religion ? Do you think you are any better than the mad Muslims that you are trying to incite?