Monday, December 1, 2014

Is Najib And UMNO in Self-Destruct Mode ?

Hantu Laut

Read.....UMNO bloggers defend 'FRIENDLY FIRE' after NAJIB'S BANGANG label.

I wonder who are the UMNO paid bloggers? 

Was the PM grossly misinformed by people who was supposed to pay but didn't, thus, making those bloggers reneged and turned the guns on UMNO.

Do you have to be paid for your political belief and the party you support? I suppose for some it's money talk, no money no talk.

Are these mercenary bloggers worth their salt? 

I can see more dedicated, passionate and aggressive pro-Pakatan Rakyat bloggers than pro-UMNO bloggers and one can safely assume they are not all paid bloggers, majority are self-affirmation and voluntary and they firmly believe in their mission for change for the greater good.Running a blog cost nothing if it's done in one's spare time. 

Setting up a blog is free, you only have to  set aside some of your spare time and pay for the Internet connection, which is next to nothing.

Najib needs to polish his PR, calling his own soldiers stupid is a big mistake he will live to regret. Don't underestimate the power of blogs, social media and the Internet, Pakatan's popularity has been achieved through the outspread power of the Internet, which UMNO has failed to embrace.

I would also strongly suggest he sacks all the ass-lickers surrounding him. These badasses are adding more tension to an already cindery situation of racial and religious conflicts.

Najib and UMNO is already in self-destruct mode.You don't need Pakatan Rakyat to topple the government, it will self-destroy itself. 

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