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Interesting, how some people behave, as if, only they have rights to slander and destroy other people lives and reputation. When the same is done to them they started throwing tantrums like a spoiled child.It reminds me of the story of colicky and cranky Ivan the Terrible, who was known to throw cats and dogs out of the Kremlin windows.

Give yourself a pinch, and you will know how a pinch must hurt others.

Personal attack and hitting below the belt is the trademark of this peculiar sapience, an offspring of intercontinental fusion of condescending genes, one from a Welsh village somewhere in the occidental hemisphere and the other from a tropical Malay kampong somewhere in the Orient. A fatal combination of the X and Y chromosomes. It reminds me of the 1974 movie 'Death Wish' starring Charles Bronson as Paul Kersey, an architect, becomes a one-man vigilante squad after his wife is murdered by street punks, he goes out at night and picks out would be muggers at random and kills them. He becomes the judge, jury and executioner.

This peculiar sapience, a writer and owner of a very popular blog, seems to have a death wish of some kind, a wish to be arrested so he can be a hero, a conscientious defender of freedom of speech. The people will love him, praise him to the skies and they would say how brave he was, risking his freedom, to go against the evil regime of Abdullah Badawi. He would be showered with accolades and sympathies and maybe demonstrations asking for his release. He would be talk of the town. A long awaited hero. A saviour of free Malaysia.

I wouldn't deny that some of what he puts on his website are not far from the truth but some just - sucks ! Even his memory needs some fine tuning. I can prove that it is true by pointing out slight mistake he made in the paragraph below taken from his composition.

"The then Raja Muda of Terengganu who is now the Agong and I would drive around London in his Ferrari and together with my sisters and wife would visit the famous London night-spots such as Longfellows where all the action is. When he was back in Kuala Lumpur I would take him to the then famous Tin Mine where we would just sit and talk as he was not a disco-dancer but preferred to just enjoy the music and talk".

I am also like him, I like to frequent the nigh-spots in London every time I am there. The night-spot where all the action is, where the celebrities hanged out and you wouldn't have a chance to get in if the goddamned bouncer thinks you are pariah or a nobody, is actually called Stringfellows, situated at Upper Saint Martin Lane. It's a place for hobnobbing with the snobs. Unless, you know the bouncer well, never use a cab, it will guarantee you no entry to the place.

I have no doubt his relationship with the Raja Muda of Trengganu, now the Agong, is genuine and the Ferrari is real. It's just a simple case of lapse of memory.

We seem to walk the same street before but God must have ordained we should not meet.I also frequent the Tin Mine because I always stay at the Hilton. It was the 'place', the only place you want to be seen in Kuala Lumpur those days, where the girls are pretty young, fashionable and sometimes available. Just like Stringfellows, it's a place for the 'good-look' people. Sadly, it becomes a pick up joint for prostitutes and transvestites during later part of its dying day and is very popular with the Quailoh.

Below is his declaration of patriotism to king and country.

"I will offer to make an audience (mengadap) with the Agong who was my buddy since the days he was merely the Raja Muda of Terengganu and if His Royal Highness is of the opinion that I have insulted him then I will subject myself to any form of punishment befitting a subject who has insulted his Agong. Such a punishment befitting the crime of insulting the Agong can include the death sentence and I will walk to the gallows to have my head separated from my body with the dignity of a true subject of the Agong. An Anak Raja Bugis is loyal to his Agong and a true Anak Raja Bugis looks death in the face with the dignity expected of an Anak Raja Bugis. I am not a descendant of Upu Tenribong Daeng Rilaka in vain and I shall not smear the name of my ancestors by avoiding the punishment of insulting his Agong. The Agong is one of the Raja-Raja Melayu and I am more than just an Anak Raja Melayu; I am an Anak Raja Bugis".

The question now is should Raja Petra be arrested for exposing the misdeeds of some of our leaders? Did he breaks any law ?

Government should respect the law of this country. We have sufficient law to deal with all kind of offences.It is unfair and unconstitutional to arrest him without any specific charge. Exposing misdeeds in government is not a threat to national security of a country. As a citizen he has every right to expose corruptions in government.

If any leaders felt they have been unfairly slandered than the right thing to do is to use the 'Lee Kuan Yew" method, take legal action and drag him to court for defamation.

Would they dare ? Would it open a bigger can of worms? Is that why they didn't dare take this course of action ?

Last but not the least, the guy who lodged the police report, didn't have good credentials.

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