Friday, August 3, 2007



This is what I read today in the princely website.

UMNO, please do something. What! the 'hunted had become the hunter' . All the websites mentioned therein were offshore and not owned by Malaysians.

What's most disturbing and shocking is why this princely website didn't include 'PEDESTRIAN INFIDEL' which it regularly draws articles from, contributed by its guest columnists, Anti-Jihadist and John Sobieski and published them on his website. This is one of the many extreme anti-Islam websites that regularly churn out 'Islamic Bashing' articles and caricature of the Prophet Mohammed. The website also has a special section for 'Malaysia Bashing' labelled as below.
There are various articles about Islam in Malaysia under the above label. Anyone interested to visit the website can go to

Isn't it hypocrisy of the highest order. This is the person so much revered by Malaysians in and outside the country for his fearlessness. From Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok to California, the support for his demagogic website is immeasurably immense and its popularity is second to none.

Are the bloggers in this country like herd of cattle led by one cattle hustler?From the most educated to the kuching kurap ( I borrow this from M.Bakri Musa) the support for this lion of a prince ( again from Bakri Musa) from the blogging fraternity is tremendous.

In our quest for freedom of speech do we have to discard our moral obligations and dispense only the untruth.What's the point of the article? I really have no idea. What's the point of publishing the banned IP and display a caution for readers to moderate their comments when you had all the chances to do so in the past.


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