Tuesday, September 25, 2007

'Saddam Killed Mandela' - Bush at news conference.


You wouldn't believe it, how stupid this man is.Was he joking ? His facial expression didn't show he was. This is the man who run the most powerful nation on planet Earth.This man is intellectually deficient, as I have stated in my article 'A Message For Mr Bush'. His knowledge on foreign affairs sucks. His foreign affair policy.....war...war and war !

Has America ever won a war ? The answer is no.

The American helped to stop the 2nd World War by dropping the atomic bombs on civilian population in Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing hundreds of thousand innocent Japanese civilians.They never won the war through conventional warfare. In the Korean War, they managed to split the country into two.They lost the Vietnam War after over a decade of fighting that killed over a million Vietnamese and ravaged the country.

They can never win the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is almost five years now, are Iraq and Afghanistan safer now than before ? Has America brought peace to these two countries ?

Ask, George Bush. He would tell you he had won the war and sent the terrorists to oblivion.

God bless America !

God! Please save the world from this madman.


Anonymous said...

Bush's comment was clear enough, except I would guess, for those who are ignorant, or intellectually challenged.......

Hantu Laut said...

I would appreciate it if you can give yourself a name, any name.

Of course you are entitled to your own opinion.If you think I don't know what he is trying to convey than you are equally intellectually challenged .When he said Saddam had killed all the Mandelas, he meant 'Saddam had killed all the peace loving people'.

If you want to give him credit, that's your business.Me? I still think he is the worst man elected to the highest office, an obnoxious,ignorant and unreasonable man, using the arsenal he inherited to bully smaller and defenceless nations.Do you think Bush would dare to attack Russia or China ?

His military might can't even bring peace to the two nations he invaded.If he had, I would have given him my respect.Instead, he has brought more turmoil and deaths , without an end in sight.His foreign policy is in dire need of repair.

For a world leader like him and speaking on a world stage, the choice of words, is of utmost importance, if he wants the world to understand his message.He is not speaking in a kampong in Texas.

Go to some of the American blogs and see for yourself how even the Americans, whom you think highly of, were confused with his speech.

Bush had not been able to discard his parochialism.He lives in an eggshell.

Well, for some people it is easier to agree than disagree.You don't need brainpower to agree with someone.

Anonymous said...

No doubt about it George you are dumb, you are worst then your dad's old side kick Dan Quayle (Mr. Potato).

Your Bushisms would be amusing were it not for the fact that you're dangerous as well as dumb.

The world hates you George you have made us all terrorists, if not in deed then in thought.

What did your religious conversion do for you? Do you hear voices from Hades telling you its American Crude oil that lies under Iraqi sand?

Just hope that one day you and your co-conspirators receive the same sordid vengeance that you've perpetrated on others.