Thursday, September 20, 2007



Dear Mr Bush,

You said "We shall bring to the Iraqi people food, medicine, supplies and freedom". At what price, Mr Bush?

You have only brought death, destruction, hunger and atrocities to the Iraqi people.You have robbed them of their freedom. You have trampled on the Geneva Convention and broke the rules of war. You are the most careless, corrupt, uncaring, belligerent and dangerous President ever elected by the American people. You have cheated the American people and failed your nation as the epitome of freedom.

You have brought total anarchy to Iraq and untold suffering and miseries to the Iraqi people.Out of your parochialism, ignorance and vacuousness, you have made the world a very unsafe place to live in.You have stirred the hornet's nest. You have created a new wave of global terror. You do not have your own mind and are easily influence by others with iniquitous motive, especially, your Deputy, Dick Cheney who is a pathological liar, corrupt and a greedy man, whose only concern is himself, his business empire and the preservation of Israel.

The inimical Cheney, a stooge of Israel, lied to you when he tried to tie up the hijackers with Iraq, by a concocted story, that one of the hijackers, MohammedAtta, had met in Prague, in the Czech Republic with senior Iraqi intelligence agent few months before 9/11.Despite the fact that the CIA and FBI confirmed the story to be untrue, you chose to believe Cheney, who had a motive and vested interest to see the invasion of Iraq become a reality. You hold the highest office on this planet but are intellectually deficient.

The Cheney's lie had triggered the invasion of Iraq. He had used you to bully poorer and defenceless nations.You have killed and maimed countless innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistion. Are they not human lives too ? How many more innocent people you would want to kill before the bloodshed ends.

You have created another Vietnam in Iraq and Afghanistan. You have pitted the Shias against the Sunnis and let them slaughter each other without any remorse on your part.You have created a monster which you can't control. You said you have won the war against terrorism, why then are innocent Iraqis dying in the streets of Baghdad every day? Why have you built a fortress for your Embassy in Baghdad if you have won the war and Iraq is a safe place. You have accorded your own people the protection and supplies of all the luxuries of life in a formidable castle while poor Iraqis live without proper supply of water and electricity and living in constant fear of getting kill by terrorists or American bullets and bombs.

You have squandered the integrity of your office and the nation by awarding multi-billion dollars projects to Halliburton, a company controlled by Cheney and to other American companies to do what rightly don't belong to the American people.You have coveted what didn't belong to you.
You have robbed the Iraqis of not only their freedom but also their natural resources.

Believe me, you can't win these wars.You can't fight the peoples resolute to be free. Your enemy are not their guns and bombs, it's their culture and their resolve.Shouldn't Vietnam be a reminder of one of the most disastrous of America's military adventures

"The first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war.Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permanent ruin.But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists" Earnest Hemingway

You are a danger to America and the rest of the world.The American Congress should have impeached you and they should before you start another war.

Mr Bush, you are nothing but a hound dog.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Bush is a threat to world peace.The sooner he goes away the better it would be for the world.He and Osama are the biggest trouble maker today.

He is now looking for trouble with Iran.He may bomb Iran before his term ends.