Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Hantu Laut

"Correct,correct,correct" and now it's "Looks like me, sounds like me".

Can you get anyone with worse antics than this slithering sycophant,a Mr Tag Along and a denizen of the legal fraternity with a magic wand that can influence the appointment of judges.He was so powerful he can actually tell the ex-Prime Minister who to appoint to the bench.

In the controversial video tape he described the ex-PM as "Being the old man, he is 76 years old, he gets whispers everywhere, and then you don’t whisper, he get taken away by the other side. But, now the PM is very alert he because every time he gets letters from Tan Sri Dzaiddin, he calls Tengku Adnan, he says discuss with Vincent, come and discuss".

Who is Vincent? Was he a special rapporteur officially appointed by the government to advise the ex-PM on appointment of judges?

If what he said about the ex-PM was true, than it is most disgraceful and a shocking news to the nation.Judges are appointed to dispense justice to all and sundry and not to be subservient to anyone in particular.Judges have no masters,they are masters of their own .They are expected to adhere to the rules of justice and listen to their conscience, not to anyone else including the Prime Minister.

Was Vincent Tan a close confidant of the ex-PM? It looked obviously so, if we go by what that bragging power brokering creep revealed in the video.For the ex-PM to tell Tengku Adnan to discuss state matters of the highest importance with a man who has nothing to do with matters of government, one can only assume such relationship did exist, unless, that slimy bragging creep was name-dropping just to impress his audience.

It was no coincidence that in 1993, Lingam was Vincent Tan's lawyer in a law suit against M.G.G.Pillai, a journalist who has since died.Tan brought a defamation suit against him and was awarded a substantial amount, unprecedented in the legal history of defamation suits in this country.It was also no coincidence that the damages awarded by the Federal Court was presided over by a team of judges headed by Eusoffe Chin.

In the latest episode, the 'Correct,Correct,Correct' and 'Looks like me,Sounds like me' has manifested into 'I cannot recollect'.

He told the commission."Without looking at the video, I cannot recollect the occasion. After looking at the video, I do not recollect. It has happened so long ago. Looking at the video, there is bottles of wine, whiskey or brandy and 7-Up. I would have had one too many drinks. That was a drinking session, a celebration, a party. I must have had one too many (and) it is more than six years ago. I cannot remember".

"It looks like me. You can ask the question 100 times, I will still give you the same answer".He must have assumed every members of the commission are idiots, to be able to take this kind of crap coming from him, a man void of any dignity and shame.

This legal clown has turned the commission into a circus and tried to fool everyone with intoxicated lapse of memory as his excuse not to remember whom he spoke to on the phone.

This fool and his folly will eventually put a noose around his own neck.A shameless and stinking piece of crap,undignified and fits for the sewer.

Is this the kind of man some of our judges and leaders kept company with?


Now he admits being a bullshitter and a braggart.He is king in his own house and can talk whatever rubbish he wishes.Below are some of his oratorical skills.

1.“I can choose whatever topic I like. I can even pretend to talk to President Bush if I like,”

2.“That (conversation) was in my house. That was in the privacy of my room. My house is my castle. I am the king there. I can talk whatever rubbish in my house as long as I don’t get drunk outside and misbehave,”

3.“Even if I did say it and I am sorry to use this word but I was bullshitting and bragging,”

4.“No, no, no, my learned commissioner, you didn’t get me right. I said it looks like me, it sounds like me. I didn’t said it’s not me. I don’t want to say it’s 100 percent me because the authenticity of the clip has to be established,”

5.“The tickets are separate tickets with separate number. They were just stapled together and anybody can staple them [...] I don’t know who did it, I have not seen it, you have to call the maker who did it,”

6.“I changed my prepaid numbers very often when I lost my mobile phone. I also change my house phone number very often because there are many prank calls to me and my maid at late hours,”

Read Sophie's World anecdotal story on this.


SM said...


What more can you say? This is the state of the Malaysian Judiciary!

Hantu Laut said...

The man is disgusting, a liar and shameless.He should be dragged to a normal court and charge for perjury.

Mat Salo said...


This is a piece that I've been meaning to write but I can't do it justice, pardon the pun.

When that sorry tape came out I knew deep down it was true, because yes, this is what our leaders schoomze with: the slimes and scumballs. But more worrying is the persons who brought them to prominence --the Nation's leaders and judges --does this mean they're scumballs too? I hope not because then the rakyat who put them there are scumballs too. Which isn't fair and isn't right but there you go. It's true then we get what we deserved... But this has turned into a joke. Lets give that guy a little more rope.. and the same goes for the royal minister too..

That inconsequential rant aside.. wow! --I'm totally blown away by that recent clip. Must be a TV recording, recent because it was Simon Phillips on the drums!

I've also seen an original clip by Jeff Porcaro, when interviewed about that so-called brilliant shuffle beatt which he is so famously credited for. But the ever-so-humble late Jeff said he lifted it straight off from Bernard 'Pretty' Purdie's playing on "Home At Last" (and "Deacon Blues") --both track from Steely Dan's seminal 'AJA'. Now AJA's --what ?-- 32 years ago and Purdie who's still alive and had just turned 80 must've been one cool cat to be playing on a hip album in his very late forties. Now these guys had such longetivity because they were immensely talented. Can't say the same for the crop that's on the radio these. Great talent and great music will satnd the test of time. Thanks H-L for the Toto dedication.. I know I'll be one unhappy camper on the ship come March 15..

Hantu Laut said...

Mat Salo,
Porcaro, must be one of the greatest drummers if not the greatest, ever to come on the music scene.He was the most heard drummer and had played with oher musicians for which the list would be too long to mention here.His demise was a big lost.

Zawi said...

This has been going for so long that ppl has lose confidence in the Judiciary. Whose design is all this? The ex PM ofcourse. He started it by taking out Tun Salleh Abas and with that the whole wall of trust in the judiciary crumbled.
The ex PM didn't expect to live to see this moment when all his deeds mostly the bad ones will be exposed to the nations ridicule. For the time being the attention of the rakyat will be diverted from looking at the current leader of the nation who is scheming his way to another term.
HL are u a drummer too just like Mat Salo?

lavynhunt said...

somebody..please smack this guy(lingam)

Hantu Laut said...

Pak Zawi,
Nice to hear from you again.Yes, they all are suffering from selective amnesia, the ex PM, ex-CJ and the intoxicated king maker.As the saying goes - every dog has its day.

No Sir,I am not a drummer, I do play the guitar a bit, not great, but can do lah!

Hantu Laut said...

The guy too slimy.They probably can't touch him.

SM said...

We fail to see the bigger picture here.
Weather or not this guy is slimy or whatever, the fact remains that the past (& current leadership) encourages this kind of behaviour by allowing characters like this to do whatever they want.
Just watch, nothing will come of this. It will be dragged on until after the election & then forgotten. He knows too much & he is too well connected.
He will not be "charged" because he will be able to "drag" a few well connected people along with him.

Hantu Laut said...

You are absolutely right, it all will come to nothing.It's what we say - wayang kulit.

Waste of time and waste of taxpayers' money.