Friday, January 18, 2008

Will The Hen Crows Louder Than The Cock And Makes It To The White House

Hantu Laut

Will Hilary Clinton makes it to the White House come this November.After the New Hampshire primary, her star seems to shine brighter than a while ago when she lost badly to Obama in Iowa.

"To my mother, who gave me a love of life
To Hilary, who gave me a life of love
To Chelsea, who gave joy and meaning to it all
And to the memory of my grandfather, who taught
me to look up to people others looked down on,
because we're not so different after all"

Those were the dedication in the preamble of Bill Clinton's autobiography, My Life. A vivid description of his life's journey from childhood to his tenure as the 42nd President of the United States.A wonderful and tremendously anecdotal memoirs from one of the most popular US Presidents. The only thing lacking in this book is the absence of a list of contents, which makes timeline search almost impossible and making it difficult to make reference to some of the text in the book.The publisher probably omitted it for a reason.

My interest is not in Bill Clinton but more in his highly ambitious wife, Hilary. A graduate of Yale Law School and majored in political science, she spent eight years as First Lady and was elected a senator in her final years at the White House as wife of the President.

Hilary has her sight focused on the highest office from her early days as wife of the President.Many other women would have created ructions and ruckus over sexual indiscretions and perfidy of the husbands. Not Hilary, she has no intention of making a cause celebre of her marital problem and to attract public sympathy for her, she took it in her stride and publicly displayed her elegant and dignified calmness.Unlike Sarkosy's wife who left him and didn't give two hoots when he became President of French, she stood by her man, ignored Bill's wolfish adventure and indiscretions and fastidiously proceeded with her grand plan to reach for the coveted office. She made known her intention soon after she was re-elected as senator.

Over the past few years America's political scene, which is very much male-dominated, is slowly changing. Women are now included in highly sensitive position in the administration.The appointment of a black woman, Condoleezza Rice as State Secretary is another new element in the changing political landscape of the United States. Would a woman or a black person have a chance to get to the highest office ? I would say, even as near as a decade ago, the answers to that were not likely in the affirmative. The composite picture has changed now, making the journey to the Oval office less hazardous for blacks and women.

In 2007 in a national poll, Hilary was consistently placed as the front-runner for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination. She is now on her way to fulfill her dreams.

With her latest win over Barack Obama in the New Hampshire primary, will she makes it to the White House?


SM said...

Hilary will beat Obama for the simple fact that the Americans aren't going to "allow" a "Black" in the White House. I hope I am wrong on this one.
However, the Americans aren't ready for a woman either so looks like another Republican will be in the White House after Bush.
On another note, except for the sexual "episode" with that Lewinsky woman, Clinton was probably a good president & he definately has had an outstanding life.

Hantu Laut said...

Clinton, the American people love him, his popularity stood at 65% when he left office and as compared to the present moron in the White House, Clinton was definitely a good man and a better President.

After two terms of Republican control and screwed up foreign policy and unnecessary military adventurism, the American people wanted a change.

Although woman may not be the preferred choice before, I think things has changed now, Hilary has a good fighting chance.